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Create an assignment and our technology will match you with recommended creators. Choose your favorite and get started.

  1. Set your budget and deadline.
  2. Review creator profiles and ratings.
  3. Create teams and select favorites for future use.


Manage the entire creation process, from ideation to publication, from within the platform. Collaborate with creators, request revisions and edit.

Keep your assignment instructions high-level or get detailed. The platform supports personas, tones, reference materials and more.


Export finished content or publish it directly to your website via our plugins and API. Live posts are shared with creators for social amplification.

  1. Approve an assignment to trigger creator payment.
  2. Rate the creator and offer feedback.
  3. Share published content with creators for amplification.

Why Create with ClearVoice

Creator Connections

Quality is the true king; content is nothing without it. That’s why we vet all Marketplace creators. We review experience, skill and performance, so you don’t have to. Better yet, Marketplace encourages long-term creator relationships. Find and hire a creator who’s a perfect fit and add him or her to a team or your favorites list.

Freelancer Management

Finding, communicating with and paying freelancers can be tedious and resource-intensive. Marketplace takes the burden off you and your team. Focus on developing shareworthy concepts and content and let ClearVoice’s automated processes handle the rest. With built-in creator matching, email notifications, smart messaging and payment processing, we’re the complete back office for your content production needs. Hiring creators and managing them has never been easier.

Flexible Platform

Built to support content production both at scale for large brand campaigns and for niche, boutique publications, the ClearVoice platform is the complete content environment. Create and collaborate using world-class workflow tools that fit your team, large or small.

Recruiting Made Easy

The technology is complex, the process isn't.

Searching for new creators doesn't have to be tedious and time consuming. Watch and discover how easy we've made it. Hold a Marketplace casting call in mere minutes.

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