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Natasha Borkowski

I am a freelance writer with experience in blog writing, copywriting and ghost writing. I provide engaging and shareable content for B2C businesses and write high quality and well-researched B2B copy. I utilise SEO best practices in my writing and will increase your brand's online reach and visibility. By creating social media content according to your brand's voice, I can build your following and promote your business.

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Clarence Oakes

Father of one awesome son, partner to a great wife, founder of several websites, and creator of innumerable written works including 100+ books and countless web pages. I have been a professional content creator since 2010, most of which has been for real estate investors and law firms. I always meet deadlines, ensure customer satisfaction with my 100% guarantee, and provide your content in your voice, strictly adhering to my clients core business values while encouraging visitor interaction (CTAs).

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Michelle Ullman

Providing accurate, informative, and engaging content for your website. I would love to craft words for your website. A full-time freelance writer since 2011, I focus on topics related to all things home/garden. I also write extensively on health/wellness topics.

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Marc Schenker

As a copywriter extraordinaire, I continually work with big, well-known brands like Shopify, Autodesk and Envato to boost these companies' conversions and sales through persuasive and high-quality ad writing. I can do the same for your marketing needs, whether you're a small, medium or big business.

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Jared Wade

Journalist, business reporter, digital publisher, blogger, travel writer, and sportswriter with more than 15 years of professional experience.

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Melanie Fourie

Melanie Fourie is a prolific print and digital writer, journalist and editor with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication science (media studies). She has worked extensively within corporate communications as a copywriter and editor as well as a media liaison officer for the public relations department of a prestigious university. She has also worked as a print and digital newspaper reporter, a photojournalist, magazine features writer and has reported for online parliamentary and government publications.

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Ana Gotter

Ana is an expert business writer, offering blogging, ghostwriting, PPC copywriting, and content marketing services. She's written in over 23 subjects in diverse styles and projects. She is a regular contributor at sites like Shopify, AdEspresso, Social Media Examiner, Shorstack, Agorapulse,, and Healthline, and has demonstrated experience writing high-converting PPC copy.

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Doug Bonderud

An award-winning technology and security writer, Doug has a knack for distilling complex concepts down into actionable, readable copy that generates interest and drives engagement.

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Keri Lunt Stevens

Keri Lunt Stevens is a writer and editor who has worked in journalism and content marketing. A perfectionist who doesn't procrastinate, Keri is someone who thrives on achieving something great each and every day. She spends her free time at the beach, planning future trip itineraries, biking, reading, and trying to figure out how to earn more air miles.

Rhiannon Beard

During my time earning my degree, I became an expert writer and researcher. In addition to extensive online marketing and writing experience, I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. My education prepared me to be able to write about pretty much any subject. I also have expertise in the automotive industry and procurement as well as general business management.

Stefanie Williams

I have a range of writing experience from newspaper articles to blog posts and web content. I'm a freelance copywriter with a background in communications, early childhood education, and the legal field (personal injury, family law, and real estate). I thrive working as part of a collaborative team and strive for excellence on all my projects.

Sandra Henriques Gajjar

I've been a self-taught web content writer since 2014, with the ability to research and write on a variety of topics that are on-brand and match the client's tone. I have an eye for detail and a will to look at topics from a new, fresh angle, always supported by a thorough keyword research and by SEO optimization.

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What makes a good website content writer?

The best websites have both substance and style. Unfortunately, some brands attempt to force a subject matter expert into the website content writer role. That’s neither fair to the SME nor the audience. Instead, companies should hire a content writer to convey brand stories online. The best will have the following qualities.

They are inquisitive.

Great website content writers are curious and strive to understand your brand and audience. They always want to know more and will research and interview experts to uncover ideas that resonate with readers. Additionally, the best understand on-page SEO to ensure your content gets found.

They have empathy.

Empathy helps website content writers understand your perspective and your customers’. Empathic writers care about what your goals and what your end-customers want to happen as a result of doing business with you. They balance persuasion with compassion to inform, educate and facilitate purchases of the right products by qualified customers.

They can adapt.

Skilled website writers are adaptable. After all, they must be flexible enough to meet client style requirements, learn new industries, write for specific content types, serve people’s evolving content consumption habits, and know when a website needs updating. While you may be tempted to hire based on depth of knowledge, don’t overlook the value of breadth of knowledge and ability to adapt.

What are the biggest trends in writing website copy for businesses?

An accumulation of boring humblebrags and product features don’t make for compelling website content. Websites should focus on what the audience wants to read, how they want to consume it, and what they hope to gain from it. Here are three significant trends in website content.

Attention-grabbing by any means is out.

"Grabbing attention through any means necessary is now a no-fly zone. No one wants to read a rendition of businesses boasting about how brilliant they are. The key to disarming an audience is a good sense of humor and conveying that they're understood. Messaging should be clear enough that pain points are addressed by evoking an emotional connection through empathy."

Anup Sohanta, Writer and Content Strategist
Audience experience is paramount.

"The top trends in business website copy all revolve around audience experience, with an emphasis on writing for mobile users. Successful businesses aren’t only personalizing website copy, but they’re doing so with authenticity and charisma. Whether you’re marketing in the B2B or B2C space, your copy must be educational, entertaining and take almost no time to consume."

Carrie Dagenhard, Writer and Content Strategist
Empathy is more important than “brand bragging.”

"I write often for lifestyle-focused brands in the health, family and pet niches. Over the past year, there's been an increased awareness of the consumer's concerns and needs. So, I tend to write about empathetic audience-targeted solutions and ideas as a whole, rather than the outdated approach of glorifying the top attributes of a product or service."

Angela Tague, Journalist and Content Marketer

Who has really good website copy?

John Deere goes the extra mile with its many online, niche publications. A glance at the venerable publication, The Furrow, demonstrates the human side of the John Deere brand and its empathy for members of one of the industries it serves.

The American Cancer Society website strikes the right balance of emotion and facts with its website content. The association has gone to great lengths with its content to serve patients, caretakers, survivors, donors, and volunteers.

Secrets of a Website Writer

"Think you’re ready to hire me? Remember these two tips: First, I’m not a mind reader. I can do research, but I need some guidance and goals from you. If you don’t have time to prep me, you don’t have time for content. Second, we don’t need to literally write this together. You can buy software if all you want is dictation. Define your spec and give me room to write. We’ll collaborate to make the final product shine."

Anonymous Website Writer

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