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Ling Wong

9 years in the online marketing industry + 7 years in content strategy/content creation. I write for SaaS and marketing companies on topics including digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, eCommerce, conversion, UX, social media marketing, SEO, B2B marketing, email marketing, the role of AI, and more; with the goal of driving organic traffic, building readership and increasing conversion.

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Matt Duczeminski

Blogger, Ghostwriter, Copywriter for SaaS, E-Commerce, B2B and B2C Marketing. I've worked with a variety of marketing and SaaS companies, including Optimove, Sales & Orders, and Fieldboom. I've also collaborated with clients on ghostwriting projects for some of the marketing blogs I actually read in my spare time (Seeing my own work on these sites is always a HUGE shot in the arm - even if my name isn't attached to it).

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Ana Gotter

Ana is an expert business writer, offering blogging, ghostwriting, PPC copywriting, and content marketing services. She's written in over 23 subjects in diverse styles and projects. She is a regular contributor at sites like Shopify, AdEspresso, Social Media Examiner, Shorstack, Agorapulse,, and Healthline, and has demonstrated experience writing high-converting PPC copy.

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Renee Breiten

Renee Ann Butler is a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience in business and management. Her writing has appeared on SCORE, TheStreet, Marketwatch, Insider Monkey, Seeking Alpha, and Motley Fool. She has an MBA in Finance and undergrad degrees in psychology and sociology. She specializes in retail, technology, and consumer goods.

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M.J. Moye

Versatile writer adept at learning new subject matter and adopting wide range of mediums, voices and styles. I have worked as a freelance writer/editor since 1998, providing editorial assistance to companies and individuals in need of written material for reports, websites, newsletters, books, press releases, articles and any other medium reliant on the written word. In recent years, the bulk of this work has been web-based, with the development of 18 websites, content for 100s of others, and current blogging for six different websites.

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Kaitlin Morrison

My focus is long-form content and thought leadership. It's designed to drive sales and build long-term revenue growth by connecting with B2B customers. Let's look together at how we can use content marketing to reach your goals.

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Jennifer Mitchell

Hi! I'm Jennifer Mitchell, and I'm a freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada. Frequently, I write about dentistry, senior care, digital marketing, health insurance, B2B technology, human resources, small business management, and related topics. Many of the samples in my portfolio are ghostwritten blog posts, though I also have experience writing other types of content.

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Meaghan Alvarado

I'm a professional writer with experience penning articles for local publications as well as ghostwriting for executives of software and marketing companies. Most of the business content I've written is for an audience of executives and management. My expertise includes content marketing, social selling, employee advocacy, social media marketing, and inside sales. I�m always open and excited to learn new things and am not afraid to dig into research.

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Ginny Bartolone

A blogger and content marketing writer, I have explored an array of lifestyle topics and created marketing materials for wedding, home improvement, and financial brands. I also work full-time as a proofreader and have a dynamic array of editing/article development experience. I have additionally ghostwritten for a variety of topics including health, wedding product descriptions, and environmental issues.

Melanie Fourie

Melanie Fourie is a prolific print and digital writer, journalist and editor with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication science (media studies). She is proficient in ghost-writing and has worked as an independent contractor creating and editing website content for US and European clients, Fortune 500 companies, and media agencies. She has worked extensively within corporate communications as a copywriter and editor as well as a media liaison officer for the public relations department of a prestigious university.

Jane Meggitt

A graduate of New York University, Jane Meggitt specializes in writing about personal finance, business, pets, real estate and entertainment. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, including USA Today, LegalZoom,, the Houston Chronicle, Zack's, the Motley Fool and Global Post.

Alicia Persson

I have worked in the real estate industry for over three years so I can cover home living & promotional topics with ease. Not only do I produce blogs in-house for the company I work for, I also create curated content for private clients and businesses across the web. I also have a keen interest in digital marketing and SEO, making me fully equipped with the expertise to write your next marketing blog.

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