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Get our data study of 200,000+ articles in the home and garden industry, plus our guide to content creation.

  • See word count trends over 5 years.
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Why Do You Need a Content Creation Process?

Without the proper preparation and gear, mountain climbers stumble, make errors and… go missing. Is that what you want for your business? We know it’s not.

Adopting a content creation process can:

  • Improve content quality and consistency.
  • Make your marketing team more agile.
  • Maintain regular audience engagement.
  • Bolster your overall marketing strategy.
  • Scale your efforts to get times more leads.

Learn the Four Key Phases of the Content Creation Process

Are you constantly feeding your audience new and valuable content? Are you creating the right content for the right channels at the right time? And with the right message for your brand? Let us help you find your clear voice — the key to engagement.

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