Your Content Marketing Radar: March 9, 2017

Overwhelmed by the amount of content marketing news that came out this week? Stay on top of it all with this roundup of what you need to know.

New Facebook Messenger chatbot update is heavy on menus, light on chat

Despite there now being more than 30,000 active bots on Facebook Messenger, it appears that users have not yet taken to using bots the way Facebook might have hoped.

Perhaps this is why the update Facebook released this week all but eliminates the chat option and instead relies more heavily on a persistent menu that helps users navigate to the content or information they seek. In a statement, Facebook says that the new menu format will give “people a way to find and select from all the features that a bot offers.”

It might be time to get back to SEO basics

In an insightful piece published by Search Engine Land this week, author Ryan Shelley challenges marketers to take a step back to see if they are focused enough on the fundamentals of SEO marketing.

Shelley contends that many marketers are familiar with the new tips and tricks that promise SEO results, but sometimes don’t put the work into gaining a foundational expertise that will help their SEO marketing efforts be most effective. Among other things, the article discusses aspects of crawler access, site structure, and titles and meta descriptions. The article is worth a read if you are looking to be reminded of a few fundamentals that can improve your marketing efforts.

Twitter adds analytics for ‘Moments,’ further confusing marketers about future of tool

In the soap opera that is Twitter Moments, Twitter announced improved analytics this week for marketers to use to determine if their Moments are resonating with audiences. Yes, this comes on the heels of Twitter essentially burying “Moments” in the “Explore” section of the app.

You may remember that “Moments” has only been around since September 2016 in its current form — which enables users to curate top tweets to tell the story of an event or conversation.

How to use lead magnets to grow your email list

An article this week in Social Media Today touts the value of email lead magnets (that is, giving somebody something in exchange for their email address), but also lists five criteria people consider when being enticed to share their email addresses.

Additionally, the article lists 12 specific lead-magnet formats, including: ebooks, videos, research, checklists, resource guides, templates, assessments, digital tools, memberships, contests, product demonstrations, and free trials.

People fixate on Facebook, Instagram videos 5x longer than static images

If you haven’t yet created a mobile video strategy, Facebook is letting you know that now is the time. In a just-released blog post, Facebook shares that a recent biometric analysis found that people on Facebook and Instagram fixate their eyes on video content for five times longer than on static images.

So what does this mean for marketers? Facebook suggests that marketers optimize video for mobile, as half of those surveyed said it is easier to pay attention to a video on mobile. Also — and no surprise here — making a video experience interesting will keep people on your video for a longer period of time. Facebook reports that those who participated in their experiment watched 360-degree videos 40 percent longer than standard videos.

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