Your Content Marketing Radar: March 17, 2017

Does keeping up with the latest content marketing news feel like a full-time job? Let us help. Here is your weekly recap of a few of the top items you should know.

Determine the maturity of your messaging strategy

Looking objectively at a messaging strategy can be difficult, because so much about how messaging is received is subjective. Having said that, MarTech Today published a fascinating article this week that invites marketers to look at four core components to help determine the maturity of their messaging strategy.

The article instructs marketers to consider aspects of data capture, measurement, automation, and connectivity. Doing so can help you know if your organization is operating at a high level or if there is still work to be done. By asking yourself the questions listed in each section, not only will you get a better idea of where your organization is, but you will also have a clearer picture of what you still need to accomplish to help your messaging strategy mature.

Facebook’s Messenger Day arrives, Facebook Stories coming soon

Like a spurned lover, Facebook has been on a mission to prove that it doesn’t need Snapchat ever since the social media app du jour turned down Facebook’s bid to buy the company in 2013.

After releasing Instagram Stories in August 2016 and Messenger Day earlier in March, reports now indicate that Facebook Stories is just around the corner and is being tested in Chile, Vietnam and Greece. As is true with other versions of stories on other platforms, content published to Facebook Stories will be available for 24 hours before disappearing.

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Google reminds us: Your site’s mobile speed is kind of a big deal

Marketers and developers are still wrapping their heads around Google’s recent report. Even though the average time it takes a mobile page to load is about 22 seconds, more than half of mobile users will leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load, according to the report.

Not sure how your site does in meeting Google’s mobile speed standards? Google provides a handy “Test My Site” tool that lets you know where you stand. If the results aren’t desirable, Google offers some advice to help remedy your problems. For example, 30 percent of sites could save more than 250 KB simply by compressing images.

Searching for new SEO opportunities? Look no further than the next holiday

Though most brands have SEO targets that they seek to capitalize on throughout the year, a compelling piece published by Search Engine Land this week contends that you may be leaving money on the proverbial table if you fail to recognize the SEO benefits associated with multiple types of seasonal marketing.

According to the article, the key to taking advantage of holiday and seasonal behavioral changes is to first identify them. The article details a handful of tools you can use for help, including Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, competitive review, and analytics.

The 7 questions your website must answer to succeed

Marketing Land published a thorough article this week that describes the seven questions that customers ask when visiting your website and details how you need to answer them if you want to succeed.

The seven questions are:

  1. Why do you deserve my business?
  2. What makes your product or service different?
  3. Can you help me figure out what I need?
  4. How can I justify this purchase?
  5. Where do I go from here?
  6. What do I do if I have a problem with my purchase?
  7. Can I trust you?

A review of your own site with these questions in mind can help you understand what kinds of adjustments you may need to make to your content strategy.

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