Your Content Marketing Radar: March 30, 2017

Keeping up with the news in the world of content marketing can be trying. We’re making it easier by rounding up five of the most important things for you to know each week.

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‘Mobile first’ thinking is necessary for survival

The mantra of “mobile first” is more than just a trite phrase — your content marketing efforts rely on your ability to package for mobile devices. According to a new comScore report, mobile now accounts for nearly 70 percent of digital media time.

The full report is full of useful information, but a few items that may interest you include:

  • For every 10 minutes of YouTube videos viewed, seven are on mobile devices
  • More than 1/3 of young adults between ages 18-24 rely exclusively on mobile devices for internet access
  • Nearly 80 percent of social media usage occurs on mobile devices


New study rates the effectiveness of email subject lines

Though conventional wisdom says that including an offer in an email subject line is a great way to get clicks, a recent study indicates that the opposite may be true.

Some of the interesting findings that may help you improve your email marketing efforts include:

  • Open and click rates are highest for emails that include no offer in the subject line. Though not including an offer in the subject line may get more people to click, this type of email sees fewer conversions than other email types.
  • Include loyalty incentives in your subject line for a higher open and click rate. The study indicated these emails have a 17 percent open rate, but only a 0.3 percent conversion rate.
  • Include offers to facilitate conversions. Though offers — such as free shipping or discounts — don’t bring more opens or clicks, the emails that have offers in subject lines do have a higher conversion rate than other types of emails.

There is no magic bullet to create a successful email, but keeping your objective for your email — as well as the information from this study — in mind will help you make better decisions in your email marketing efforts.

Google A/B testing tool now available on Google Analytics

If you are a Google Analytics user, perhaps you are one of the more than 250,000 people who requested access to Google Optimize since last spring when Google announced the existence of the A/B testing tool. Though Google released a beta version in the fall of 2016, only now — nearly a year after initially announcing the service — has Google finally rolled out this tool to the masses.

Google Optimize is designed to tie in with Google Analytics to allow small and mid-sized businesses to create tests on their sites to help them make more informed decisions about which content is most effective. The tool includes a visual editor, but HTML, JavaScript and CSS editing options are also available.

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4 ways to get more leads from your website

If you are like most content marketers, generating new leads is the lifeblood of your marketing efforts. Having said that, getting leads is often easier said than done.

An article published this week in Social Media Today identifies for specific actions you can take to increase the number of leads you get from website visitors.

The four actions the article identifies include:

  1. Eliminating nonessential information from your contact forms
  2. Deciding what information is absolutely necessary
  3. Designing call-to-action buttons to stand out
  4. Installing a retargeting pixel

Facebook explains why creativity is so important in a mobile world

In a blog post this week, Facebook announced a project it has been working on for two years that details “Why Creativity Matters More in the Age of Mobile.” Though Facebook admits there is no specific formula that will make something work on mobile, it does bring up some salient points for content marketers.

According to the study, more than half of adults say they check their phones upwards of 30 times per day. And when these people open apps, they are using apps that value visual storytelling. In fact, three of the top five most used apps in the United States are photo- or video-first platforms.

The wise content marketer will also identify the fact that people spend an average of 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on social media — therefore it is important to make content that grabs attention quickly.

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