Your Content Marketing Radar: March 23, 2017

Haven’t been able to keep up with the news in the world of content marketing in the last week? No worries. Here’s a recap of the news you need to know.

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Instagram doubles its advertisers in last 6 months

If you are an Instagram advertiser, you are one in a million. No, really. There are now literally one million monthly active Instagram advertisers — a number that has grown from 500,000 in roughly the last six months.

According to Instagram, approximately 20 percent of its followers — or 120 million people — have used the app to contact a brand, visit a brand’s website or find the location of a company on a map in the past month. Likewise, roughly four out of five Instagram users follow a brand on the app.


If you aren’t yet among this group of advertisers, perhaps the questions you need to ask yourself are (1) “Why not?” and (2) “Is my competitor advertising already?” If your target audience is on Instagram, it may be a channel to consider for ad spend.

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Search is on the cusp of becoming much more exciting

Though Google has long dominated search engine marketing, a piece published by The Drum this week contends that the days of Google being the sole major player in the world of search are coming to a close.

This doesn’t mean that Google won’t continue to be the major search tool, but it does mean that other organizations — such as Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon — have upped the game to expand what search is all about.

The article points to Pinterest Search Ads and Amazon Echo as a couple of examples of where search is headed. Take a look at the article for a closer examination of the current and future opportunities that search can afford to your organization. 

Do these 3 things to create amazing AdWords ads

When a Googler tells you how to better use Google in your marketing efforts, you’d be wise to listen. In this case, Matt Lawson, Director of Performance Ads Marketing for Google, wrote an article on Search Engine Land that provides content marketers with three specific, actionable items to create appealing ads that are customized for users and for context.

You’ll want to read the full article to understand the nuances and details, but in a nutshell, do these three things to create effective AdWords ads:

  1. Optimize ad rotation for clicks or conversions
  2. Provide 3-5 ads per group.
  3. Implement every ad extension that makes sense.

More reason to double down on your social marketing

Because you already work in the world of content marketing, we want to believe you understand how omnipresent social media has become and how big an opportunity it provides to digital marketers.

Nevertheless, if you (or others in your organization) need a reminder about how ubiquitous social media has become in the lives of your customers, Mediakix has created an infographic that estimates how much time an average person will spend on social media over a lifetime.

According to the infographic, an average person will spend 5 years, 4 months on social media. That’s more time than people will spend eating, drinking and grooming combined.

To put it in greater perspective, in 5 years and 4 months, some of the other things a person could do include flying to the moon and back 32 times, running 10,000 marathons or walking your dog 93,000 times. In other words, if your organization isn’t taking full advantage of social media, you are missing more opportunities than you can imagine.

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Here is what makes your customers love (or not love) your brand

In a thought-provoking piece for Marketing Land, Adam Grow ventures to provide some understanding about what makes people love the brands they love.

According to the cited research, roughly two-thirds of U.S. internet users demonstrate brand loyalty by buying products and services. Approximately 45 percent of those who make two purchases from a brand will purchase from that brand again.

However, people are not as loyal to a brand as they are to a product. About three in five loyal customers say they would shift loyalty to another brand if the other brand offered a better product.

So, brand loyalty is a two-way street. Customers will be loyal to you, if you provide a good product and continue to do so — but their loyalty starts to wane if your product quality decreases.

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