Your Content Marketing Radar: April 14, 2017

Overwhelmed by the amount of content marketing news that came out this week? Let us help you catch up. Check out these 5 items you need to know to be on top of your marketing game.

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1 in 3 organizations will have a larger marketing budget in the next year

Looking for another way to get an increase for your marketing budget in 2018? Try this: According to an American Express survey of chief financial officers at major brands, nearly a third responded that they plan to increase the amount of money allocated to marketing, public relations and advertising in the next 12 months.

Conversely, only about 12 percent of CFOs said they will decrease marketing spending, while the majority — about 57 percent — said spending on marketing would stay at the same level.

Before you ask for an increased budget, remember this: 97 percent of CFOs said they are having problems hiring or retaining marketing staff. Make yourself a valuable and loyal employee first, then your request for a larger marketing budget might be better received.

Snapchat will let brands know when people who saw ads enter their store

Determining if Snapchat ads are worth the cost has been tricky. That’s because Snapchat hasn’t been especially proactive at providing meaningful data to measure the effectiveness of snaps and ads on the social channel.

This week Snapchat announced a new measurement that may be able to help marketers better measure ROI on Snapchat ads. It works like this: If a company runs an ad with Snapchat and if a person who saw that ad visits the advertiser’s place of business and uses Snapchat while they are there, Snapchat will let the advertiser know.

This new online-to-offline measurement is a step in the right direction, but it remains unclear how helpful or how accurate the data will be in allowing businesses to determine success with Snapchat ads.

Do nice guys finish first when it comes to virality?

Next time a superior asks you to make a viral video, instead of rolling your eyes, you can instead let him know that a little kindness might go a long way. In a unique take on what is required to go viral, Peter Dakich from GlassView contends that if you want to create a video that is going to be shared, you’ll increase your likelihood of success if you create something “nice.”

Why? According to Dakich, people’s news feeds are full of arguments, political divisiveness and bad news. In an environment like this, Dakich argues, the videos that make people feel better about humanity are the ones that will stand out. Here’s to hoping he’s right.

How to perform your own SEO audit

Though the idea of an SEO audit on your web properties might conjure up fears of overpaying for an outside consultant, businesses sometimes overlook the things they can do on their own to improve their SEO.

In an infographic published this week, Tarek Riman reveals the six most important factors you should be looking for in your SEO audit, then provides additional explanation about how each of these six factors can be audited in house.

The six factors include:

  1. Page titles, descriptions, and URLs
  2. Consistency, relevancy, and content quality
  3. Site structure and index-ability
  4. Page speed and functionality
  5. User experience
  6. Content quantity and diversity

facebook improves video metricsFacebook improves video metrics

Facebook announced this week that it has started the process of rolling out new video metrics for pages to assist publishers in gathering data to help them define what success looks like.

The five major additions made to the video analytics include:

  1.  Providing publishers with an aggregate total of minutes viewed for all videos published by a page.
  2. Removing the 10-second video views metric in favor of making the 3-second view metric more obvious.
  3. Making analyzing metrics across a specific data range easier.
  4. Creating aggregate video benchmarks for past videos against which new videos can be compared.
  5. Allowing publishers to sort videos by views or by minutes viewed.

See Facebook’s blog post for more details.

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