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How to Use Content Studio to Search 129+ Million Posts and Fuel Your Blog Strategy

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A cornerstone of ClearVoice software is Content Studio, our comprehensive database of content and influencers. As of today, the index contains more than 129 million posts and more than 400,000 author profiles from over 250,000 of the most popular publishers across the web.

Content Studio features real-time updates that enable you to track trends in any industry. Results can be filtered by the publishing date or by share counts on social networks.

Content Studio also has a built-in influencer search which identifies thought leaders in different verticals. Users can export these results and create an email or social outreach strategy around them.

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Furthermore, Content Studio supports crucial components of a business:

  • Tactical content strategy – Attach the best content available to assignments to help your writers dial in to what works
  • Creative content strategy – Find inspiration by seeing what content performs the best socially
  • Sales and marketing – Identify influencers and bloggers to partner with or pitch
  • Social media strategy – Determine how content performs on four social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+


Step-by-step on how to use Content Studio 

1. Determine what you want to write about and enter relevant keywords into the search. Broad, one-word searches will bring more results, but often lead to more randomness (remember, search engines don’t know the difference between job hunting, house hunting and hunting hunting).

2. There are some valuable tricks you can use when reviewing the results:

  • Filter by social network. You can see articles with the most shares on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Total shares or whatever was published most recently .
  • Filter by time frame. Choose between content published in the last 48 hours, past week, past month, past 6 months or past year.
  • Change view. Choose between grid or column style.
  • Export content. Pull all the results into a spreadsheet.

3. Improve your search by using search operators (more on those below).

4. Click the blue hyperlink to visit any article at its original destination.

5. Click anywhere else inside the box to select an article so it can be attached to a new or existing concept.

How to be a smooth operator (advanced search options)

I’ve discussed search operators and other Google tricks before, and all of those can be applied to Content Studio search. Here’s a breakdown of the operators and how to use them.

Site search

site search

This will display the most shared content on that particular domain.

Title search


This will show the most shared content with the given keyword in the title.

Social count search


This allows you to search for content that has been shared a minimum amount of times.

Exact phrase search


The most powerful and useful search operator, this enables you to use quotes so you can find exactly what you meant. Searching how to stay focused pulls up articles that have the words how, to, stay and focused in them in any order. But searching “how to stay focused” searches for those four words in that order, enabling you to find articles specifically about staying focused.

AND, OR search

and or

Using “and” allows you to search for multiple terms at same time. The “or” search allows you to do a “this or that” search.

Exclude term(s) search 


Exclude term(s) search

The minus sign will exclude words from your results. This is great tool to help you avoid irrelevant results that come from a lack of context or for narrowing results (as in our example).

Find inspiration

Here’s a simple but powerful method for using Content Studio to ignite your inspiration. Using “travel” as an example search term, you’ll get some meaningful results:

pasted image 0

Test Drive ClearVoice (for free) for unlimited content studio searches


These case studies from the likes of Harvard Business Review and Moz provide inspiration and information. It presents what deep dive content opportunities are available for travel publishers.

From this, you can identify common characteristics. For instance, each of these case studies are at least 2,000 words or contain a video. They’re all published on sites with a domain authority of at least 77. Additionally, you could look at author info, included graphics, etc. Use all this info to help you create a case study or long-form piece of your own.

Find influencers

Now you can switch over to influencer search and identify relevant influencers, bloggers and writers in your niche.

Export these results into a spreadsheet, which is the foundation of influencer outreach. Their name, Twitter handle and website are all in one place for your stakeholders to see. Subsequent columns can be used for noting dates, if they’re interested in partnering with you, their rates, etc.

export this one

As you can imagine, obtaining emails, negotiating, and providing details and terms is where the process becomes time-consuming and difficult. If you’re struggling to identify, contact and negotiate with influencers, let us know. We can help.

That’s it for part one — now check out part two, Need Ideas for Blog Content? We Did the Work for You, in which Milton gives us the results of 53 Content Studio searches across 11 verticals. 

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As a former journalist, Milton Herman loves a good story. He's a former content strategist, writer and Slack evangelist. He's passionate about sports, travel and learning. Follow him on Twitter.

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