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The Agile Marketing Journey

The Agile Marketing Journey
Written by

Guest speaker

  • Douglas Karr, Founder of DK New Media


Every marketer wants to succeed. But will ceaseless changes in technology propel you forward — or leave you far behind?

Join popular keynote speaker Douglas Karr as he leads us through the five stages of the Agile Marketing Journey. Learn how to quickly adapt to marketing disruptors and overcome the top threats to your success.

You also can see a slideshare of “The Agile Marketing Journey” available via DK New Media and a related infographic available via MarTech Zone.

During the journey discover how to:

  • Clearly define your marketing goals and direction.
  • Unify cross-channel digital experiences.
  • Create a real digital transformation.
  • Update your systems to improve the digital experience.


This webinar was recorded in May 2017. Length: 53:33.

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