Wordpress Plugin Repurpose Content

WordPress Plugins to Easily Repost and Repurpose Old Content

Don’t lose out on traffic because of buried content. Ben Beck details top WordPress plugins for repurposing, resurfacing and reviving old blog posts and articles.

Mastering Online Surveys

Mastering Online Surveys to Feed Your Content and Credibility (and Avoid a Twitterstorm)

Tap into the power of online surveys not only to guide your marketing choices but to fuel original research for your content. Marc Schenker shares tips from experts at SurveyMonkey.

Guide to Blog Post Tagging

Guide to Blog Post Tagging

Help readers find and filter your content by employing a standard system to organize and tag your content. Download a template to get started.

Optimizing and Distributing Your Content by Channel

Optimizing and Distributing Your Content by Channel

Learn the best practices for aligning your content to maximize engagement via SEO, social or other channels. Hosted by SEMrush. Length: 1:01:31.

Optimizing Evergreen Content So It’s More Actionable and Zombie-Proof

Don’t let your best content just drift off into zombie land. Get more bang for your buck with tips to keep pumping life into your evergreen content.

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Marketing tools for white labeling

White Label Marketing Tools: 7 to Seriously Consider

Martech expert, Ben Beck, reviews some of the best white label marketing tools for agencies who want to leverage more services and broaden their value for clients.

chatbot marketing

6 Key Updates That Will Make You Consider Chatbot Marketing

Right now, the chatbot revolution is happening, and it’s just in its infancy. Beat your competition with the most important updates in Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing for early adopters.

How to Use Competitive Analysis to Build a Content Strategy

You can’t let the competition dictate your strategy, but you do need to know how they’re positioning themselves. Sid Bharath explains how to use this knowledge to inform your own strategy.

Making Your Evergreen Content Actionable

Making Your Evergreen Content Actionable

Get the most bang for your content buck. Learn how to think strategically in order to create and optimize evergreen content. Length: 49:53.

Boost Email Click-Thru Rates With Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are replacing GIFs as the preferred format for animated images — they’re more aesthetically pleasing, the quality is better and viewers don’t get caught up in that “endless loop” effect. Ben Beck explains how to use Cinemagraphs in your email marketing.

Content Marketers, Put Your CTAs Above the Fold (With 1 Huge Exception)

Not all parts of your site are created equal, from both a user experience and conversions standpoint. Put your calls to action where more people will see them, click and convert.

DIY Guide for HubSpot Users: How to Provide Sales Alerts via Slack

HubSpot and Slack are two of the most used solutions in marketing automation and corporate chat. With a Zapier integration and these step-by-step instructions, you can get timely and meaningful alerts in front of your sales team.

8 Simple Sources for Creating Artificial Intelligence to Make Your Own Chatbot

Looking to build your own chatbot AI? In today’s #MarTechMonday post, Ben Beck offers 8 sources to jumpstart your efforts.

How to Increase Conversions With Product Recommendation Emails

The more your customers get product recommendations that are tailored to their interests and behaviors, the more likely they are to convert. It’s as simple as that.

5 HubSpot Power-User Secrets to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Martech expert Ben Beck is the definition of a HubSpot power user; he’s logged thousands of hours using the software. For this post, he’s taken all that experience and compiled a list of HubSpot email marketing best practices.

4 Keys to Creating Evergreen Content That Ranks High & Drives Traffic

Most content marketing teams strive to create killer evergreen content — content that does well in search and drives site traffic, year after year. Jacob Warwick explains four key points to creating such content.