Infographic Guide to the Five Flows of Time Management
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Infographic Guide to the Five Flows of Time Management

When we asked 1,000 marketers what their biggest challenge with content was, their number one response was “time.” More than strategy, conversion, ROI, budgets, leads, etc., and all other areas of creating content. Time. Ever elusive. Never enough of it. So how can you manage it better?

Learn about the how of time in my in-depth article on time management, but get started with a primer on the five primal flows of time in our convenient infographic guide:

The Five Flows of Time: Mastering Time Management: 

  • Spontaneous – What can I do now?
  • Reactive – What must or should I do?
  • Cyclical – What do I do again and again?
  • Proactive – What can I plan to do?
  • Envisioned – What can I ultimately achieve?

Download the Infographic


The Five Flows of Time: Master Time Management. (C) 2017 ClearVoice. All rights reserved.

Justin McKinley

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Justin McKinley is the Director of Content Marketing at ClearVoice. He has led national editorial teams, online and offline campaigns, and influencer partnerships at Fortune 100 companies, including TimeWarner and AT&T. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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