Freelancer Pay Rate Survey

Survey Results: How Much Should I Pay a Freelance Writer? [Infographic]

The survey results are in! See our ‘Freelance Writer Survey: Experience, Pay and Gender’ infographic. Which freelancers are more likely to create various content types? How much should you expect to pay per word or per hour? See the breakdown of pay rates in four levels of freelancer experience, and by gender.

Freelancer Writer's Guide for Working for Top Agency

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Working With a Top Ad Agency

Know what it takes to write for an agency? We’d like to thank J Barbush, VP & Creative Director at advertising powerhouse RPA, for his advice for aspiring freelancers. Read up on his six key tips for bettering your chances and success working with creative agencies.

mantra for better freelancing

Mantras for a Better Freelance Writing Portfolio to Catapult Your Career

After managing hundreds of freelancers and reviewing countless applications and portfolios in his media career, editorial chief Justin McKinley offers his advice to make the most authentic and effective freelance writing portfolio.

Freelance Writer's Guide to Taxes

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Taxes

There’s a lot to be envied about the freelance lifestyle… but doing your own taxes isn’t one of them. We have all the top tips and things to keep in mind when filing your own taxes as a freelancer.

Guide to Fleshing Out a Concept

Guide to Fleshing Out a Concept

If everyone could suddenly mind-read, the content biz would surely fizzle in a sec. Until then, download a basic one-pager to help talent understand your needs.

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Guide to Make a Feature-Length Listicle

Guide to Making a Feature-Length Listicle

Download an example template for a 1,000-word article to cover a common listicle tactic: relaying multiple strategies to solve a problem.

Guide to Consolidating Your Content Marketing

Guide to Consolidating Your Content Marketing

Having one powerful content marketing platform can save your agency time and money. Explore how tool consolidation can amplify your margins.

Guide to Blog Post Tagging

Guide to Blog Post Tagging

Help readers find and filter your content by employing a standard system to organize and tag your content. Download a template to get started.

Content Marketing Radar

Guide to Social Media Post Tagging

Don’t let your social media become a free-for-all when it comes to tags and hashtags. Download a template to help organize an intentional approach.

Effective B2B Targeting

How-To Guide: Effective B2B Targeting With LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Looking for more ways to target B2B decision-makers? Ben Beck walks you through a step-by-step tutorial on using LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences.

How to Set Up Website Chat

How to Set Up a Free Live Website Chat in Under 15 Minutes

Did you know more than 2/3 of online visitors engage with live website chats? Martech expert Ben Beck walks you through the process of setting up a free live website chat via, with easy-to-follow screenshots. New Assets & Posts for Resources Justin McKinley Share FileEditViewInsertFormatDataToolsAdd-onsHelp 100% View only The 2017 Mid-Year Top 25 Countdown of Content Marketing To enable screen reader support, press ⌘+Option+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press ⌘slash News Asset Posts Blog Post Tagging Explore Justin McKinley has joined the document.

Guide to Telling Your Brand’s Story Better Via Social Media

Social media obviously opened the flood gates of content, but not all of it is good (well, duh). Review a quick SlideShare of brands doing social right.

Influencer Marketing Workbook

Influencer Marketing Workbook

Implement an influencer marketing campaign. Download and complete our workbook with categories and metrics specific to your industry and goals.

Infographic Guide to Driving Sales With Content

Infographic Guide to Driving Sales With Content

In the process of planning content, we lose sight of a very important fact: It should be boosting profits. Get back on track with our infographic refresher.

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