Best Marketing Conferences in 2019

The Ultimate List of Marketing Conferences in 2021 – Virtual or In-Person

We’ve updated our running list of top marketing conferences with the latest info on which are still going on as planned — or entirely virtual.

Top Conferences for Freelance Writers and Creatives in 2019 / 2020

Top Conferences for Freelance Writers and Creatives in 2020

Connect with more creative professionals in the coming year with our guide to the top conferences and events for writers, freelancers and creatives throughout 2020.

500+ Events to Jump-Start Your 2020-2021 Editorial Calendar [Template]

500+ Events to Jump-Start Your 2020-2021 Editorial Calendar [Template]

Get a head start on planning your 2020 content calendar around some of the biggest upcoming events, including grand openings, holidays, festivals, trade shows, movie releases, sports, science and politics. Access our free editorial calendar template, complete with 500+ events and links.

Guide: Standardize Your Metrics to (Finally) Determine Social Media ROI

Guide: Standardize Your Metrics to (Finally) Determine Social Media ROI

The key to social media ROI is standardizing how you review and report it. Use this guide — and the included templates — to determine and track your most important metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.

etiquette guide freelance how to gain clients and income

An Etiquette Guide on Freelance Referrals: How to Win Clients and More Income

Navigating referrals can be tricky — but ultimately, the more connections you make, explore and support, the further net you cast. Several freelancers share their tips on playing the referral game without being a spoiled sport, or a bully.

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networking with your next client

How to Network to Your Next Client: 5 Do’s, 5 Don’ts, 5 Great Examples

As a freelancer, you need to target new clients who can become part of your success story. There are right ways to network — and wrong. We outline both.

How to Write Great Boilerplate: 5 Do’s, 5 Don’ts, 5 Examples From Different Industries

Whether you’re a new or evolving brand, you need to tell your story… quickly. Here are five tactics to craft top-notch boilerplate, plus five to avoid.

write great bios

How to Write Great Bios for Others: 5 Do’s, 5 Don’ts, 5 Good Examples

Writing a professional bio for another person, or even a business entity, can be more challenging than writing your own. We lay down the rules to do it right.

case study questionnaire for a client

5 Key Elements for a Client Case Study [One-Pager Template]

Download a template to help you cover the key elements in a case study for your brand, with formatting suggestions for a standard one- or two-page PDF format.

turning time into how infographic

Turning Time Into a ‘How’: Using the Time Flow Method [Audio + Infographic]

So much of content marketing is about timing, yet good time management involves a lot more than just lists and calendars. It requires understanding your behaviors toward time itself. Unlock the flows of time we use every day, so you can apply them to better planning of your content creation, or any projects for that matter.

Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

The Go-Getter Guide to Growing Your Freelance Writing Business (With Advice From 50+ Experts)

We’ve compiled 50+ articles with the some of the best tips, interviews and advice from highly active and experienced freelancing professionals to help you: Win that next client; seize that next assignment; and earn that next payday for work well done.

Newsletter Strategy: Your 7-Day Guide to Creating an Email Newsletter

Newsletter Strategy: Your 7-Day Guide to Creating an Email Newsletter, From Draft to ‘Send’ (4 of 5)

In part four of our Newsletter Strategy Series, we provide a no-brainer, easy-to-follow guide to starting the content and design creation of your newsletter, straight from industry pros who have mastered the process.

Build Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

DIY Guide: Build Your Own Alexa Flash Briefing Skill in Under an Hour

Looking for a new voice-search channel? A recently released skill, Amazon’s Alexa Flash Briefing is a micro-podcast that is delivered via an Alexa-enabled device at a regular cadence. Martech expert Ben Beck walks you through the benefits of early adoption and a step-by-step primer on starting your own flash briefings.

Guide to the Future of Content Marketing

Guide to What the Future of Content Marketing Sounds Like

Listen up. The world of smart speakers, podcasting, and people demanding things from inanimate objects is here. But what does the future hold? And how can you, as a content creator and/or marketer, gain a foothold in a space that is evolving on a daily basis? We rounded up 10 of our favorite pieces on the topic.

Guide to Making More in Digital Content Writing

A Guide to Making More in Digital Content Writing (Well, Is There Any Other Kind?)

For better or worse, the digital age has made us all writers. But if your dream is to see more of your byline in screen-generated light (and more of the income it brings you), here’s a digital content writing guide to help your search (and not become yesterday’s meme).

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