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Guide to Blog Post Tagging

Guide to Blog Post Tagging
Written by Justin McKinley

Often an afterthought, the tagging of blog posts in your content management system can become a jungle of meaningless identifiers if not executed properly. Help readers find and filter your content by employing a standard system to organize and tag your content.

Use our template as a starting point and follow these helpful tips:

  • Align categories with top-level themes or topics at the core of your business.
  • Align tags with keywords, locations, personas or functional filters.
  • Define which topics, keywords and tags, in general, apply to which categories.
  • Clarify the context for any special uses of categories or tags.
  • Try to avoid as much overlap as possible between categories and tags.
  • Don’t over-tag posts. Fewer, more accurate tags are better.

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About the author

Justin McKinley

Justin McKinley is the Head of Content at ClearVoice. He has led national editorial teams, online and offline campaigns, and influencer partnerships at Fortune 100 companies, including TimeWarner and AT&T. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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