Top Freelancing Tips to Boost Your Content Career [Monthly Roundup]

Top 25+ Freelancing Tips to Boost Your Content Career
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According to Business Insider, two out of three Americans would consider a pay cut to work remotely full-time, ultimately placing autonomy and professional freedom over job security. Statistics like this are common now more than ever, and it’s no surprise that freelancing is becoming the new norm. As you make the best career moves that fit your professional goals, we’re here to help you along the way.

Here are the latest freelancing tips that will assist you with starting, building, or sustaining your freelance business.

The freelancer spotlight

Here at #ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on having some of the best freelance professionals as a part of our #teamlancing community. We know that many of you focus on the excellence of doing great work for clients, so we’re here to help celebrate and spotlight our powerhouse freelancers like you! This month, we want to highlight Lorraine Roberte.

Freelancer Spotlight: Lorraine Roberte.

Lorraine is an experienced personal finance writer living in sunny South Florida. She helps readers make informed decisions about their mortgage, insurance, credit cards, small business finances, and more. Her work has appeared on sites like The Simple Dollar, The Balance, and numerous others.

Are you curious to learn more about Google search results? From the answer box to bottom Google Ads, Lorraine’s recent series will provide clear insight on industry vernacular while guiding you along the path of becoming familiar with all Google search has to offer.

Check out her ClearVoice profile and connect with her on LinkedIn!

Would you be interested in being featured? If so, reach out to us on social media or via email. We would love to share your tips, inspiration, or recent articles — but remember to update your portfolios before you do!

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Top freelance industry trends for content writers: Teamlancing is the future of freelance.

Top freelance industry trends for content writers:

1. Content writing is among the most profitable freelance business professions.

Are you researching ways to begin your freelancing career and still considering your choice of specialization? Business to Community recently shared some of the most profitable freelancing careers, with mention to article writers, proofreaders, copywriting, and more. Remember that as you start and grow your business, it will evolve. Remember to be open to the possibilities of shifting your core services as you build. (September 2021)

2. It’s time for the INBOUND 2021 conference.

If you’re a content marketer, it’s time to get ready for one of the largest conferences dedicated to helping marketing professionals grow, network, and engage. INBOUND 2021 (hosted by HubSpot) will be October 12-14 digitally for all, regardless of location. Tickets are currently on sale but hurry. The price will increase on August 18. Did I mention that global Media Leader Oprah Winfrey will be a speaker? This may be a conference that you don’t want to miss.

3. Use technology and tools to help improve your writing skills.

If you’re a freelance writer, you’re incredibly familiar with the editing process for your writing. The extra support from editors and your freelance team helps your work become more thoughtful, compelling, and dynamic. So why not include technology in your team of support? Music and tech contributor Tyler Hayes recently shared great tools and resources to improve your writing while tracking data and growth. (July 2021)

4. Get organized in your business with these great tips and resources.

It’s time for the mid-year check-in for your business process and systems. As you move into Q3 of 2021, consider implementing updates like reviewing your contracts, updating your SOPs and upgrading current systems that may be outdated. Skillcrush has a significant list of resources from payment processing options to project management platforms to help you organize, restructure, and streamline your business workflow. (June 2021)

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5. PPP loans now include sole proprietors and single-member LLC business owners.

I’m certain you hear a lot about the Paycheck Protection Program (abbreviated as the PPP), but unless you operate a business with W2 employees, you may have been unable to qualify and have consideration for loan forgiveness. That is until now. With the next phase of the program, single-member LLCs and sole proprietors can now apply for the PPP loans. According to, if you apply and receive approval, you have eight weeks to spend the funds on approved expenses like compensation for the business owner. (May 2021)

Before making any decision, I highly encourage that you reach out to your tax consultant or a tax professional beforehand. This will ensure you’re fully aware of the requirements and process based on your unique business. Consider this information only, whereas you receive guidance from your tax expert.

Are you curious to learn more about the differences between a sole proprietor and an LLC? Check out #ClearVoicer Sing Weist’s article that provides a great breakdown of the two.

6. Your expertise, time, and value matter.

Freelance writer Tom May recently shared thoughtful tips on how creatives can increase rates, improve time, and maximize productivity as freelance professionals, and his points are valuable and actionable. As more companies seek expertise from teams of freelancers (what we know as #teamlancing), freelancers must assess their processes and systems. May states that in addition to knowing your value, you should also charge late fees and incentivize upfront payments.  Other points include controlling your costs and ensuring you demonstrate the value of your work through detailed proposals. (April 2021)

7. The 24th Annual Blue Ridge Writers Conference is happening in April, and it is 100 percent virtual.

Becoming a published author does not have to be a dream that continues to be pushed down your goal list. Many conferences, including the Blue Ridge Writers Conference on April 9-10, are committed to offering their experiences and expanding their reach through a virtual audience.

During the Blue Ridge Writers Conference, participants will have an opportunity to join intense workshops, network with fellow writers, and pitch their work for a professional critique. Registration is still open, and pre-registration is required, so be sure to reserve your spot if you are interested. (March 2021)

Are you curious to know of other virtual conferences and events happening this year? Here’s our recent list for 2021, which includes virtual and in-person events.

8. How freelancers can properly prepare for tax time.

UPDATE: Tax Day in the United States is typically April 15, but individuals, sole proprietors, and business owners with an LLC classification have an extension of May 17, 2021. If your business is a corporation, your filing deadline remains April 15, 2021. Be sure to reach out to your accountant or tax preparer for more information and how to best proceed with your personal and business tax planning. (April 2021)

Tax season is among us, and it’s time to get all of your papers in order for tax filing (if you do not organize them throughout the year). As a freelance professional, it’s essential to understand the structure of your business while properly gathering all documents from clients from the previous year. (February 2021)

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9. Diversity and equality matter within remote work.

Recently, the Female Quotient hosted the VIRTUAL EQUALITY LOUNGE® @ CES 2021, and the topic centered around fostering diversity, inclusion, and equity with a remote workforce. During the discussion, Dorothy Ann Advincula, SVP & Head of US Audience Measurement & Insights for the Empowered Woman Immigrant, joined Tony Incalcatera, SVP & Chief Research Officer of Ipsos, in sharing core discrepancies in the U.S. workplace when it comes to diversity and equity. Although the data proves the significant work ahead, the conversation flowed into how diversity can remain at the forefront among a remote workforce.

Key takeaways from the panelists included intentionality, empathy toward colleagues, thinking outside the box regarding connectivity, and challenging unconscious bias when they arise.

As a freelance business owner, you are a significant part of redefining the global workforce. Creating an inclusive team to build your teamlancing partnerships can make a world of difference in the depth of perspective that you provide to your clients. Consider ways in which you can contribute to a better, inclusive, equitable way of work. (January 2021)

Freelancers are helping the world redefine the global workplace, and diversity is at the forefront. We're highlighting a recent discussion hosted by the @femalequotient in this month's freelancer updates. #Freelancing | #FreelanceTips | via… Click To Tweet

10. You can now integrate socially relevant holidays in your content planning for 2021.

If you’re a content writer, we know you’re deeply involved in planning content strategies for your 2021 goals and brand objectives. Are you in need of a little inspiration and social relevance? We’ve updated our Social Media Holiday Hashtags and Days of Observances article, and we’ve added a few additional things, including more monthly and weekly observances.

As you consider the daily observances, see if any of the overarching themes can align with you or your client’s content or mission. If so, expand your content plan for the holiday observance, and don’t forget to engage with others using the same hashtags! This tactic can help build brand awareness and organic followers. (December 2020)

11. Teamlancing is the future of freelance.

recent article in, written by freelance writer and author Laura Briggs, discussed the evolution of freelance work with agency-like models. You know, it’s what we call #Teamlancing. We are all very familiar that this shift is happening, so be sure that you’re prepared.

Check out our latest series, Adventures in Teamlancing, to learn how to manage your teamlancing workflowadjusting to the team dynamic, and more. (November 2020)

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Top freelance industry trends for content creators: Be inspired by top podcasts while you work.

Top freelance industry trends for content creators:

1. Learn from highly successful freelancers on how you can excel in your freelancing career. 

Although social media’s highlight reel makes the entrepreneurship journey appear easy, we know the truth. Paving your way and creating a life of freedom on your terms comes with incredible highs and adventurous valleys. It’s not always glamourous, but it’s worth it. Here’s advice from fellow freelance business owners from various industries that will assist you in building your company, celebrating your wins, and preparing for the wild adventures ahead. (September 2021)

2. Create inclusive designs with this guide. 

Design and creative inclusion is more than showcasing Black or POC people in a picture within your social media posts. It requires great thoughtfulness and intention to challenge any internal bias you may have (you know, because you’re human). The Creative Boom released a guide to help you practice inclusive design, and your first step is acknowledging your commitment to building a more inclusive world. (September 2021)

3. If you’re not following Instagram’s Creators account, you should follow immediately.

Instagram’s recent commitment to the Creator’s experience includes new features, a public newsletter, and real-time updates for platform Creators that they share directly on the platform through their Creator’s profile. Recent updates include a Reels Trend report, information regarding the paid partnership label, and the recent announcement of 60-second Reels. If you want to stay abreast of the latest releases on the platform, this profile is a must-follow.

4. Get extremely productive virtually with other creatives.

Have you experienced a virtual working session? A virtual working session includes a group of like-minded individuals within a virtual work setting (like Zoom or Google Meet) that silently works together for a period of time.  If this sounds intriguing, I Love Creatives has cultivated a community of creatives that do this regularly. The best part of the experience is it’s totally FREE. Check out their schedule and reserve your next working session with other creatives like you. (July 2021)

5. Discover virtual meeting alternatives.

Are you feeling virtual meeting fatigue? If you are, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Although you’re still leaning heavily on virtual meetings to connect with teams and clients, changing routine, process, and systems can be a good thing. A recent article provides a great deep dive into the pros and cons of many virtual meeting platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and more. Review these options and try out a new experience. (June 2021)

6. Mt. Freelance launched a podcast, and you should subscribe.

Have you heard of Mt. Freelance? If not, you’re in for a special treat. Created by Andrew Dickson and Aaron James, Mt. Freelance is a hub of resources for freelancers to learn, engage, and be inspired—and they’ve recently launched a podcast called the Mt. Freelance Podcast.  From photography to content strategy, they share authentic stories and great perspectives to assist your growth as a freelance professional. (May 2021)

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7. Adobe announces MAX 2021.

Mark your calendars for creative inspiration, insights, and intensive learning with the Adobe Max 2021 Summit, scheduled for October 26–28, 2021. It’s totally free and 100% virtual. Although official tickets are not available yet, you can join the mailing list for event updates. We will keep you posted when tickets are officially available, but in the meantime, be sure to check out other upcoming events as well (both virtual and in-person). (April 2021)

8. Web developers can get inspired by the ‘Freelancer Podcast.’

If you’re ever in need of inspiration while you work and you’re a freelance web developer, consider podcasts like ‘The Freelancer Podcast,’ where co-hosts and co-founders of Study Web Development, Johannes Bouwer, and Kyle Prinsloo, share nuggets of wisdom, sound advice, and insights with little fluff on web development, freelancing and marketing your brand to clients. In a recent episode, they shared 10 ways to be a successful web developer freelancer. If you’re beginning your journey, this episode is certainly for you.

9. Facebook launches a program for Black creators.

Last June, the social media and tech company Facebook committed to investing in Black businesses and organizations, and they’re continuing to make good on their commitment. They recently announced its inaugural class of a new program called We The Culture. It provides dedicated support to Black business creators while amplifying their knowledge and growth on the various Facebook family of apps. (February 2021)

This appears to be the first of many programs that Facebook is rolling out and many other platforms. To make yourself available to these programs, be sure to have your platforms and website updated with your latest, up-to-date information, and always showcase your content with excellence in mind.

10. Learn how to price your rates with your margins in mind.

How would you break down your rates within your business? Is it purely for your time, or are you considering your expertise and years of experience? The Creative Class, a podcast for freelancers, recently published an episode that speaks directly to the rates you offer to your clients and ways to price your rates with your margins in mind. One would assume your overhead is practically nonexistent as a freelancer, but that cannot be further from the truth. From the cost of your financial software to your healthcare, this podcast conversation will help you think about these things according to your situation and how to adequately price your rates based on your operating expenses, time, and value.

There's more than your time that goes into your rates as a freelancer. We're highlighting a recent podcast episode by the Creative Class to help freelance businesses break down pricing and margins. #Freelancing | #FreelanceTips | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

Trust us. You may want to bookmark this podcast and catch up on the discussions beyond this episode. The topics are worth the time and will bring great value to your business. If you carve out an hour of each day to invest in your professional growth, this podcast would be a great addition to your educational toolbox. (January 2021)

11. Be inspired by top podcasts while you work.

Are you a podcast fan? Who doesn’t love podcasts? It’s probably those who haven’t tried the right ones! If you’re in need of podcast inspiration, we found a list that is the perfect starting place for discovering your next favorite podcast. From happiness and well-being to business leadership, The Boost Media Agency recently released a list of 20 podcasts that are worth looking into. Check it out! (November 2020)

Our ClearVoice Talent Team resources

Looking for work? ClearVoice has freelance gigs and full-time opportunities.

The ClearVoice team is continuously finding ways to showcase and support the voices and talent of their community of 4,000+ freelancers worldwide. As the impact and scale of the community grows, so are the levels of support!

Within recent months, Shannon Lewis joined the ClearVoice family as managing editor!

Shannon Lewis, Managing Editor at ClearVoice

As a writer, she’s worked in a variety of industries and has developed a passion for content marketing and business growth. You can find her in the backend of the ClearVoice blog working with our dynamic freelancers and the ClearVoice team to bring the best resources and latest happenings in the marketing industry.

Follow her on social media and join us in welcoming her to the #ClearVoice family!

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Looking for work? ClearVoice has freelance gigs and full-time opportunities.

Our Talent team is working fervently to connect our great clients with our phenomenal community of freelance professionals. Check out our latest updates to our freelancing job board to see if you’re a good fit for any of the open roles.

But before you do, update those portfolios! Remember to keep your latest wins top of mind while letting your expertise shine through your bio.

Here is our personal branding guide for freelancers for additional tips and expertise. If you’re still not a part of our network, you can join us today!

Beyond teamlancing, you can join the ultimate team! Have you considered working with ClearVoice in a greater capacity? We’re currently hiring! We’re thrilled to connect with great talent that aligns with our core values and mission of collaborative, quality content!

We are sharing teamlancing success stories to inspire your freelance journey.

We are sharing teamlancing success stories to inspire your freelance journey.

Content creator and ClearVoicer, Rachel Weingarten is documenting the journeys of freelancers experiencing tremendous success within their careers while flourishing in a teamlancing environment. (January 2021)

Whether you’re new to freelancing or know nothing about corporate because freelancing is your entire profession, you will not be disappointed by the openness, insights, and inspiration. Be sure to follow this fantastic series by Rachel and submit your story if you want to be featured!

The Freelance Writers Den features ClearVoice Talent Manager Brittany Flanagan.

ClearVoice Talent Manager Brittany Flanagan was recently interviewed by The Freelance Writers Den, a members portal for the freelance writing community that gives you access to templates, peer evaluations, job listings, and more. During Brittany’s time with The Freelance Writers Den, she shared the great benefits of being a part of the ClearVoice community of writers and how our platform paves the path for writers and designers worldwide.

Brittany Flanagan, Talent Manager at ClearVoice

“We strive to cater to both full-time and part-time freelancers. If you’re looking for a few assignments a month — we got you covered. If you want 50 assignments in the span of a month, that’s possible too.” — Brittany

If you’re a member of The Freelance Writers Den, check out her interview. If not, stay tuned for our personal recap that will be exclusively shared through us and available for all!

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ClearVoice Talent Manager Christina Scannell shares tips for curating your portfolio.

Christina Scannell, Talent Manager at ClearVoice

“Don’t be afraid to define your niche. Instead of creating a CV Portfolio to win work, curate a CV Portfolio to build a ladder into your future freelance career. Predetermine your niche: In which industry do you have professional experience? What about publishing experience? Is there a content type you excel at creating most? As tempting as it can be to list yourself as an expert in every category, clients like to see experts in one category. So choose one (maybe two!) categories in which you want to grow and develop your writing career.” — Christina

Is it time to update your #ClearVoice portfolio? If so, review our personal branding guide for freelancers for additional tips and expertise. If you’re still not a part of our network, what are you waiting for?

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Are you looking to connect within the freelance industry? Consider attending a virtual event! As many brands take their event experience virtual, you can join virtual events for a reasonable rate (or completely free) and be proactive with meeting like-minded individuals who are attending as well.

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Top freelancing tip: Join the ClearVoice Talent Network

Catch up on all updates.

1. Fine-tune your soft skills. Check out the full list of skills at Entrepreneur and learn how to communicate these talents effectively for your next project or job. (September 2020)

2. Inspire your day with music. Our own resident ClearVoicer has assembled the best playlists to keep you energized (or mellow, if you prefer. (October 2020)

3. Advice from six-figure freelancers should always be taken with a grain of salt because you signed up to work your way, not their way. Still, if you’re looking for success stories to motivate you or free resources to help you refine your email communications with clients, Business Insider has compiled a fantastic list to get you started. (August 2020)

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