Top 25+ Freelancing Tips to Boost Your Content Career
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Top Freelancing Tips to Boost Your Content Career [Monthly Roundup]

From freelancing to #teamlancing, we continue our dedication to building support for our community of freelancers. With thoughtful, engaging content and insightful research findings and resources, we’ll help you create and maintain momentum in building a successful freelance business.

If you’re new to teamlancing, here are great tips to assist you on the journey. By teamlancing, you can form beneficial relationships with small business owners with similar goals and projects. The unity of autonomy and collaboration makes for the perfect combination for success in your growing business and your clients.

Our ClearVoice Talent Team resources

1. The Freelance Writers Den features ClearVoice Talent Manager Brittany Flanagan.

ClearVoice Talent Manager Brittany Flanagan was recently interviewed by The Freelance Writers Den, a members portal for the freelance writing community that gives you access to templates, peer evaluations, job listings, and more. During Brittany’s time with The Freelance Writers Den, she shared the great benefits of being a part of the ClearVoice community of writers and how our platform paves the path for writers and designers worldwide.

Brittany Flanagan, Talent Manager at ClearVoice

“We strive to cater to both full-time and part-time freelancers. If you’re looking for a few assignments a month — we got you covered. If you want 50 assignments in the span of a month, that’s possible too.”  — Brittany

If you’re a member of The Freelance Writers Den, check out her interview. If not, stay tuned for our personal recap that will be exclusively shared through us and available for all.

As you build your #freelance business, we've got you covered with industry updates. Learn the latest freelancing tips for #teamlancing, productivity, and more. #Business | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

2. ClearVoice Talent Manager Christina Scannell talks about curating your portfolio.

Christina Scannell, Talent Manager at ClearVoice

“Don’t be afraid to define your niche. Instead of creating a CV Portfolio to win work, curate a CV Portfolio to build a ladder into your future freelance career. Predetermine your niche: In which industry do you have professional experience? What about publishing experience? Is there a content type you excel at creating most? As tempting as it can be to list yourself as an expert in every category, clients like to see experts in one category. So choose one (maybe two!) categories in which you want to grow and develop your writing career.” — Christina

Is it time to update your #ClearVoice portfolio? If so, review our personal branding guide for freelancers for additional tips and expertise. If you’re still not a part of our network, what are you waiting for?

'Don’t be afraid to define your niche. Instead of creating a CV Portfolio to win work, curate a CV Portfolio to build a ladder into your future freelance career.' - Christina Scannell, Talent Manager at #ClearVoice. Click To Tweet

Get connected.

Are you looking to connect within the freelance industry? Consider attending a virtual event! As many brands take their event experience virtual, you can join virtual events for a reasonable rate (or completely free) and be proactive with meeting like-minded individuals who are attending as well.

If you want to connect more with the ClearVoice community, get started by following us on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram!

The freelancer spotlight.

With over 4,000 freelance professionals within our network, the teamlancing knowledge and freelancing tips are endless.

This month, we’re highlighting our very own ClearVoicer Angela Tague. As a freelance writer, her insight resonates with those recently joining the community and our seasoned professionals.

“When I’ve got writer’s block, don’t feel like tackling another outline, am stumped for how to start an article or feel buried under projects, I go outside and act like a kid. I let my inner 8-year-old get muddy on nature trails, fly high on a swing and ride trikes at the local pumpkin patch! Kids are naturally full of creativity, ideas and… stories! So, if you need to revive your storytelling creative energy, be a kid! I promise you’ll have fun exploring your world through the eyes of a child once again.”

'Kids are naturally full of creativity, ideas and... stories! So, if you need to revive your storytelling creative energy, be a kid! I promise you’ll have fun exploring your world through the eyes of a child once again.' - #ClearVoice Writer,… Click To Tweet

Freelancer Spotlight: Angela Tague

In addition to being a fantastic ClearVoicer, Angela writes web marketing content for major brands, including Fidelity, Overstock, Purina, Tom’s of Maine, and Parenting. She also provides feature content to newspapers and magazines.

If you want to be featured, reach out to us on social media or via email. We would love to share your tips as well!

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Top freelance industry trends for content writers: Teamlancing is the future of freelance.

Top freelance industry trends for content writers:

1. You can now integrate socially relevant holidays in your content planning for 2021.

If you’re a content writer, we know you’re deeply involved in planning content strategies for your 2021 goals and brand objectives. Are you in need of a little inspiration and social relevance? We’ve updated our Social Media Holiday Hashtags and Days of Observances article, and we’ve added a few additional things, including more monthly and weekly observances. (December 2020)

As you consider the daily observances, see if any of the overarching themes can align with you or your client’s content or mission. If so, expand your content plan for the holiday observance, and don’t forget to engage with others using the same hashtags! This tactic can help build brand awareness and organic followers.

2. Teamlancing is the future of freelance.

recent article in, written by Freelance Writer and Author Laura Briggs, discussed the evolution of freelance work with agency-like models. You know, it’s what we call #Teamlancing. We are all very familiar that this shift is happening, so be sure that you’re prepared.

Check out our latest series, Adventures in Teamlancing, to learn how to manage your teamlancing workflowadjusting to the team dynamic, and more. (November 2020)

A Freelance agency sounds a lot like #Teamlancing. Oh wait, it is #Teamlancing! Great article, @Entrepreneur, and @sixfigurewriter! #ContentWriting #FreelanceWriters #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet

3. Fine-tune your soft skills.

As competition is mounting in both the freelance and traditional workspaces, businesses are finding it more and more difficult to source employees with qualified soft skills. What’s worse is that it costs decent candidates the job. Soft skills go beyond the typical resume fluffing adjectives and include simple skills that can be practiced and honed. These include notetaking, time management, and the ability to learn and receive feedback. Check out the full list of skills at Entrepreneur and learn how to communicate these talents effectively for your next project or job. (September 2020)

4. Stay up to date with the latest pandemic phraseology.

If this year has left you feeling like you need a coronacation or at the very least a virtual-happy hour, you’re not alone! Luckily, a whole slew of jargon has emerged to communicate how you’re feeling, and we’ve got you covered if you need a refresher on the latest lingo. So forgo your fears of being Zoombombed or getting maskne and pour yourself a quarantini and relax. (October 2020)

5. Inspire your day with music.

Finding yourself out of the groove with your workflow? It may be time to give your work playlist an overhaul. If you’re looking for some fresh beats to liven up your day, our own resident ClearVoicer has assembled the best playlists to keep you energized (or mellow, if you prefer). From LO-FI to ambient noise, there’s a playlist for every task on your to-do list. (October 2020)

6. Remote work works!

The rising hashtag #RemoteWorkWorks may be the answer everyone’s been hoping for since many office workers began hunkering down in their homes in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. While we’re still waiting on a definitive answer to how remote work impacts employee’s productivity and mental health, it’s clear that the gig economy is glowing and growing. According to CNBC, organizations are seeking out gig-based alternatives to more of their everyday needs, which means a broader audience and an expanding list of potential customers. It’s unclear if this will last under normal circumstances, “but now more than ever,” as you’ve heard dozens of times, it’s time to seize the moment. (July 2020)

Top freelance industry trends for content creators: Be inspired by top podcasts while you work.

Top freelance industry trends for content creators:

1. The Adobe Max Conference is now on-demand.

Adobe completed the Adobe Max Conference in late October, a leading global creativity conference with a uniquely immersive and engaging digital experience. Although the conference concluded, Adobe’s providing 350+ sessions with free access through the Adobe MAX website. (December 2020)

From Business Productivity to Illustration and Digital Painting, that various categories and sessions make the investment of time worth it! Take a day to dive into the content, and invite a friend to join you.

2. Be inspired by top podcasts while you work.

Are you a podcast fan? Who doesn’t love podcasts? It’s probably those who haven’t tried the right ones! If you’re in need of podcast inspiration, we found a list that is the perfect starting place for discovering your next favorite podcast. From happiness and well-being to business leadership, The Boost Media Agency recently released a list of 20 podcasts that are worth looking into. Check it out! (November 2020)

3. Advice from six-figure freelancers

Advice from six-figure freelancers should always be taken with a grain of salt because you signed up to work your way, not their way. Still, if you’re looking for success stories to motivate you or free resources to help you refine your email communications with clients, Business Insider has compiled a fantastic list to get you started. Once you start, don’t stop! Though many of the success stories convey feelings of dismay and defeat, by powering through, they were able to find a win was waiting on the other side of any challenge. (August 2020)

4. Here’s why an empathetic digital experience matters now more than ever.

Of all of the leadership styles, empathy is one of those innate skills that is always necessary. After all, if you can’t understand your clients and their needs and the needs of the customer, how can you be effective? This captivating read from Adobe’s blog explores how empathy matters today more than it ever has. During a shared experience like a pandemic, it’s essential to remain human above all else. (May 2020)

5. How to keep your cool as a content marketer during constant change.

Since digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, it requires freelancers who are agile, flexible, and eager learners. Even when you have these characteristics and the best intentions, it’s easy to feel flustered occasionally. Clients, however, expect their consultants to be calm and collected, rather than frazzled. Here, The Muse provides killer advice on adapting to an industry that changes regularly. (May 2020)

6. Brush up your link building skills.

As a professional freelancer and solopreneur, it’s always important to invest in your skillset. This includes understanding the latest trends, providing the best recommendations for your clients, and allowing your business model to pivot as necessary. If it’s been a while since you brushed up on the fundamentals of link building, consider this your nudge to dig in. Or, if you aren’t familiar with the best practices of SEO and how internal and external links impact your authority, this guide from Search Engine Journal will help. (April 2020)

Top freelancing tip: Join the ClearVoice Talent Network

Catch up on all updates.

1. It’s time to update your ‘About Me’ page. Ready to make updates to your bios? Review Freelance News in the U.K. for their guide to writing this section of your website. (April 2020)

2. Brush up your link building skills. Become familiar with SEO best practices and how internal and external links impact your authority with this guide from Search Engine Journal. (April 2020)

3. Need some motivation? If you’re struggling with making aspirational goals, read through this list from Adobe’s blog from fellow creatives like you.

4. Tech skills are the way of the future. From video editing and data reporting — freelancers can become the go-to person that brands hire to remain competitive. Check out more info on The Drum.

5. Ask these questions when you onboard a new SEO client. If SEO strategy is part of your company’s services, you will likely already have a basic understanding of the skill. The Search Engine Journal suggests following this rubric the next time you snag a contract. (May 2020)

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