FreelancerNOW: Top 25+ Freelancing Tips to Boost Your Content Career

Top 25+ Freelancing Tips to Boost Your Content Career
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As a freelance professional wearing many hats, you don’t need to track all of the latest updates within the freelancing industry. We’ve got you covered there! 

Here are this month’s freelancing updates that will help you continue to thrive in your career.

Freelancer Spotlight: Lauren Sharkey

The freelancer spotlight

Our 4,000 plus freelancers matter and we love to shout out some of our fantastic freelance superheroes that drive client results while fulfilling their professional goals on their terms. This month, we’re highlighting #ClearVoicer Lauren Sharkey.

Lauren is a journalist, copywriter, and editor specializing in health, retail, and women’s issues. She’s also the author of “Resisters: 52 Young Women Making Herstory Right Now,” published in 2019 by Wren & Rook.

If you need insight into building an effective responsive design or trying to figure out the purpose of a QR code, Lauren’s articles can help you tremendously. Be sure to check out her ClearVoice profile and connect with her on Twitter!

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Don’t be shy if you are a freelancer in our community and want a shoutout. Reach out to me directly so we can give you your digital flowers too!

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on #Clearvoicer @laurensharkey! Thank you for all of your contributions to the #Freelancing community! #ContentMarketing | #ClearVoice | via @AltimeseNichole

Top freelance industry trends for content writers: Teamlancing is the future of freelance.

Freelance industry updates for content creators and writers:

1. Get insight and tax support for your business for free. 

We’re going into the peak of tax season. As freelance professionals and creatives, it’s imperative that you not only understand the requirements of tax reporting but can also identify the opportunities for your business regarding tax breaks, benefits, and more. On March 14, Brass Taxes shared FREE information for artists and freelancers during their webinar. If you missed this conversation, don’t worry! The Indiana Arts Commission shared a similar discussion on YouTube that can help you make the best tax decisions possible for you, your family, and your business. 

2. It’s okay to embrace rest and balance in your freelancing career, and this dynamic agency agrees. 

Ash Phillips and Miro LaFlaga, who runs Six Cinquième, a creative agency located in Montreal, recently interviewed with The Creative Boom to discuss the adverse effects of Hustle Culture within freelancing and ways independent professionals can embrace impactful work over the state of constantly being on the clock with your clients. During the interview, Phillips stated, “Confidence comes from experience and knowing that those slow weeks don’t have to be something to fear.” Whether you’re new to your freelancing journey or a seasoned professional, the interview is worth a read to help you remember that it’s okay to accept the freedom of entrepreneurship. 

3. Consider cultivating these five habits to eliminate burnout in your business. 

LatinX poet and author Lee Escobedo recently shared tips on avoiding burnout to build your freelancing career within an article with Business Insider. As you’re building, it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance in your life of work and play. Some of his tips include maintaining a clean inbox and the self-discipline of taking a break from checking emails.

In this month's freelancer news, LatinX poet and author Lee Escobedo shared five essential habits that can help freelancers avoid burnout with @businessinsider. #ClearVoice | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

4. Before jumping into freelancing, you should consider reading these tips.

Are you new to freelancing or considering the leap into full-time entrepreneurship? Carmen Reinicke, a writer with CNBC, recently shared tips to help you become more prepared for the transition from employee to freelance. Beyond more obvious things like a consistent paycheck, she shares insight about discovering your risk tolerance and identifying multiple streams of income. The more intentional you are with your process, the more you can enjoy the journey toward creating a career that you love on your terms.

5. Learn more about the differences between W2 and 1099s.

If you’re a freelancer, you’re probably asked often for a W4 document, which allows for you to receive a 1099 for the work you’ve performed during tax season. If you’re building your own #teamlancing dynamic, you may receive 1099s and submit them! Either way, it’s your job as a free agent in the workforce to be aware of tax laws and regulations. We have discovered a fantastic article outlining the differences between W2 and 1099s that could help you better understand your tax requirements and your benefits to being a freelancer.

6. Learn the freelancing trends for 2022.

From funding to the choice of freelancing as a side hustle, Forbes contributor Jon Younger compiled crucial trends within the freelancing industry for the year. With the massive shift happening in the workforce, these trends can help you refine your strategic approach to gaining leads while also improving your payment process or procedure. Utilize these trends to help your competitive edge.

In this month's freelancer news, @Forbes contributor Jon Younger shares insightful #Freelancing trends for 2022. Get your notepad and catch up on the latest industry updates. #ClearVoice | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

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Our ClearVoice Talent Team resources

The ClearVoice team is continuously finding ways to showcase and support the voices and talent of their community of 4,000+ freelancers worldwide. As the impact and scale of the community grows, so are the levels of support!

Within recent months, Shannon Lewis joined the ClearVoice family as managing editor!

Shannon Lewis, Managing Editor at ClearVoice

As a writer, she’s worked in a variety of industries and has developed a passion for content marketing and business growth. You can find her in the backend of the ClearVoice blog working with our dynamic freelancers and the ClearVoice team to bring the best resources and latest happenings in the marketing industry.

Follow her on social media and join us in welcoming her to the #ClearVoice family!

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Looking for work? ClearVoice has freelance gigs and full-time opportunities.

Our Talent team is working fervently to connect our great clients with our phenomenal community of freelance professionals. Check out our latest updates to our freelancing job board to see if you’re a good fit for any of the open roles.

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We are sharing teamlancing success stories to inspire your freelance journey.

We are sharing teamlancing success stories to inspire your freelance journey.

Content creator and ClearVoicer, Rachel Weingarten is documenting the journeys of freelancers experiencing tremendous success within their careers while flourishing in a teamlancing environment. (January 2021)

Whether you’re new to freelancing or know nothing about corporate because freelancing is your entire profession, you will not be disappointed by the openness, insights, and inspiration. Be sure to follow this fantastic series by Rachel and submit your story if you want to be featured!

The Freelance Writers Den features ClearVoice Talent Manager Brittany Flanagan.

ClearVoice Talent Manager Brittany Flanagan was recently interviewed by The Freelance Writers Den, a members portal for the freelance writing community that gives you access to templates, peer evaluations, job listings, and more. During Brittany’s time with The Freelance Writers Den, she shared the great benefits of being a part of the ClearVoice community of writers and how our platform paves the path for writers and designers worldwide.

Brittany Flanagan, Talent Manager at ClearVoice

“We strive to cater to both full-time and part-time freelancers. If you’re looking for a few assignments a month — we got you covered. If you want 50 assignments in the span of a month, that’s possible too.” — Brittany

If you’re a member of The Freelance Writers Den, check out her interview. If not, stay tuned for our personal recap that will be exclusively shared through us and available for all!

As you build your #freelance business, we've got you covered with industry updates. Learn the latest freelancing tips for #teamlancing, productivity, and more. #Business | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

ClearVoice Talent Manager Christina Scannell shares tips for curating your portfolio.

Christina Scannell, Talent Manager at ClearVoice

“Don’t be afraid to define your niche. Instead of creating a CV Portfolio to win work, curate a CV Portfolio to build a ladder into your future freelance career. Predetermine your niche: In which industry do you have professional experience? What about publishing experience? Is there a content type you excel at creating most? As tempting as it can be to list yourself as an expert in every category, clients like to see experts in one category. So choose one (maybe two!) categories in which you want to grow and develop your writing career.” — Christina

Is it time to update your #ClearVoice portfolio? If so, review our personal branding guide for freelancers for additional tips and expertise. If you’re still not a part of our network, what are you waiting for?

'Don’t be afraid to define your niche. Instead of creating a CV Portfolio to win work, curate a CV Portfolio to build a ladder into your future freelance career.' - Christina Scannell, Talent Manager at #ClearVoice. Click To Tweet

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Top freelancing tip: Join the ClearVoice Talent Network

Catch up on all updates.

1. Fine-tune your soft skills. Check out the full list of skills at Entrepreneur and learn how to communicate these talents effectively for your next project or job. (September 2020)

2. Inspire your day with music. Our own resident ClearVoicer has assembled the best playlists to keep you energized (or mellow, if you prefer. (October 2020)

3. Advice from six-figure freelancers should always be taken with a grain of salt because you signed up to work your way, not their way. Still, if you’re looking for success stories to motivate you or free resources to help you refine your email communications with clients, Business Insider has compiled a fantastic list to get you started. (August 2020)

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