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FAQ: How Do I Get More Freelance Opportunities Through ClearVoice?

So, you’ve joined the ClearVoice Marketplace and now you may be wondering, “How do I get some writing gigs?” In this post, we explain how the marketplace works and how to optimize your ClearVoice profile to help you get matched with more job opportunities.

The ‘match’ factor

Unlike other websites that allow companies to browse through thousands of writers, ClearVoice carefully matches companies with a select group of writers for each job.

Writers are notified when they are matched with a job opportunity and given 24 hours to apply. The job poster then reviews the applicants and selects the writer they’d like to hire.

Matches are based on the following:

  • Content topic/category
  • Pay
  • Byline requirements (if the writer’s name will appear on the content or not)

Dialing in your marketplace settings

On the flip side, if you’re a writer, you will only be matched with opportunities that align with your:

  • Preferred price per word
  • Byline preference
  • Topics (what you write about most/your areas of expertise)

Freelance Opportunities

You set these preferences when you sign up for ClearVoice, but they can be modified at anytime in your Marketplace Settings (if you’re a ClearVoice writer, access your marketplace settings here). Because the opportunities you receive are based on these settings, we recommend you make sure they are precisely what you want.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the topics you select match your portfolio of work. Most publishers want writers to be somewhat familiar with their subject matter, or see they are experienced in similar topics.
  • If you are receiving opportunities that are too low in pay, raise your minimum price per word.
  • If you aren’t receiving enough opportunities, try changing your byline preference, or lowering your minimum price and raising your preferred price (this increases your range, casting a wider net).

Make that profile pretty

Your settings are key, but they’ll only get you the opportunity, not the job. That’s where your ClearVoice profile comes in. If you get matched for a job opportunity and apply for it, the job poster will review your ClearVoice profile (if you’re a ClearVoice writer, access your profile here) and compare it to others who’ve applied.

Luckily, you control the majority of the items on your profile. To stand out and to help publishers get to know you, we recommend you provide as many of the following items as you can:

  • Profile picture (keep it professional!)
  • Twitter profile
  • Google+ profile
  • Personal website
  • Tagline
  • Bio

Milt profile

ClearVoice also provides publishers with a star rating of your professional history within ClearVoice, based on how other ClearVoice publishers have rated your work.

The best way to keep your ClearVoice stats in good standing is to:

  • Only apply for jobs you know you are qualified for and can complete on time
  • Communicate any changes in your availability with the client
  • Carefully follow instructions
  • Submit work on time
  • Keep your portfolio on point

Imagine you’ve been matched with the best writing opportunity ever. It’s perfect it’s an interesting topic, presented by a well-known company, and it pays well. It’ll be good for your resume and fun to write. So, you apply for it and keep your fingers crossed.

The job poster logs in to ClearVoice. They see five applicants, including you. They see you have a perfect on-time percentage and your topics totally match the subject matter. Sweet! They click on your profile. Then… WOMP, WOMP. There’s only one sample of your work there. It’s from 1999 and it’s titled, “10 Ways to Prepare for Y2K.” They do a double take, get confused, and quickly move on to the next applicant. You are left wondering why you didn’t get selected.

Okay, that’s a crazy exaggeration, but you get the point. If a publisher can’t find recent and relevant examples of your work, they probably aren’t going to choose you for the job.

Here are some tips:

  • Add at least six (but preferably more than 10) writing samples to your profile via the “Add Article” button.
  • Add samples that represent the topics you selected in your Marketplace Settings.
  • Add samples of your work from different sites (rather than just one site).
  • Add articles that were shared on social media, if possible.

It’s also important to know that ClearVoice indexes the articles you add to populate your “Authorship Stats.” We search for key phrases that demonstrate your areas of expertise, social shares, website name, number of comments, and more. 

That’s it

Follow these recommendations to increase your chances of being matched with more opportunities, and ultimately get hired for more jobs. For more specific instructions on how to complete your ClearVoice profile, visit the ClearVoice Help Center.

Courtney Craig

About Courtney

Courtney Craig is Director of Product Marketing at ClearVoice. A former TV news producer turned digital doer, someone once told her that her "Producer" hat never came off. She hates mornings and likes obsessing over user experience, #coldbrew coffee, and travel. Follow her on Twitter.

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