How to Write a Good Lead

How to Write a Lead: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts, 10 Good Examples

Good lead. Good read. Sharpen your hooks to grab readers’ attention from the get-go, with examples of great and not-so-great leads.

Freelance Editor Do I Need

What Kind of Freelance Editor Do I Need?

Developmental editor or managing editor? Copyeditor or proofreader? Just like writers, not all editors are the same. Read a pro’s savvy rundown on the types of editing and find the best kind of editor for your particular content.

Yes, Good Grammar Is (Still) Important, and Here’s Why

Is a focus on grammar worth your time? Yes, it is. Dear Megan gives us three good reasons why you should care about grammar, the good kind.

Editorial tasks

What Does an Editor DO, Anyway? Why Your Brand Needs an Editor #ForSure

Everyone needs an editor, right? Right. But gone are the days when an editor simply cleaned up copy. Oh, they still do that — and a whole lot more, too.

Guide to the Rules of Attribution: How to Avoid the ‘P’ Word & Other Problems

Don’t find yourself on the receiving end of a DMCA takedown notice (or worse). Sara Parker explains how to properly cite your sources and avoid copyright issues.

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Copy Editing Tips for Teams Without Word Nerds

You don’t always have a copy editor around when you need one, right? Danielle Antosz discusses top copy editing challenges for the non-word nerd and the tips and tools to remedy them.

How to Give Freelance Writers Criticism That Is Actually Constructive

No one enjoys getting — or giving — negative feedback. Freelance writer Nicki Escudero explains how to give your freelancers feedback that’s helpful to both of you and maintains a good working relationship.

How to Provide Good Writer Feedback to Get the Content You Need

Best practices for writer feedback: Making good writers better fits for your brand can be tough. Get tips on using constructive criticism the right way.

The Secret to Creating Successful Content? It’s in the Headline

Here’s the truth: People won’t click into your content if it has a boring, bland headline. Larry Kim explains — and backs up with data — why a good headline is so vital and how to create a killer one.

How to Be My Favorite Content Editor: 4 Tips From a Freelancer

Content editors, your job is easier when freelancers love working with you. Full-time freelancer Nicki Escudero shows you how to build strong relationships with your freelance writers and bring out their best work.

Why Deadlines Are Bad for Your Content 

Our COO, Anita Malik, says deadlines are handicapping your content. Here’s how a little flexibility can save your calendar.

ClearVoice Introduces a New Feature: Collaborative Editing

ClearVoice unveils Collaborative Editing, a new set of editing, commenting, and in-app chat features. Associate Director of Customer Experience Courtney Craig walks you through it.

Singular ‘They’ Named Word of the Year, Dear Megan Loses It

How a grammar pedant moved through the five stages of loss — on deadline, no less.

Create Clean Content With These Rules for Commonly Confused Words [Infographic]

Have a hard time remembering if it’s affect or effect? Farther or further? Fewer or less? We get it. That’s why we came up with this handy cheat sheet of commonly misused words.

Dear Megan, Do We Need a Style Guide for Content? Yes, You Do

Is it log in or login? E-book or ebook? News feed or newsfeed? If you had a style guide, you’d know. Dear Megan explains.

Fact: Puns Are the Worst. Don’t Put Puns in Your Content.

Content marketers, your readers deserve better than these cheesy, forced plays on words. This is why I hate puns and you should, too.