December’s Top Digital Marketing Trends with Examples

December's Top Digital Marketing Trends
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The time is almost here to deck the halls, pour a glass of eggnog, and enjoy your yearly viewing of Elf, but before you jump feet first into the holiday season and (hopefully) a little time off from an exhausting year, take a couple minutes to milk 2021 for all the content marketing learnings it has to offer with this December 2021 update of content marketing trends from Twitter to TikTok and Disney. As we approach the end of 2021 and launch into a new year with new marketing opportunities, here are some of the top trends, tips, and news tidbits to look out for.

Digital Marketing Trends:

Digital Marketing Trends

Twitter enhances e-commerce support with ‘Live Shopping’ experience.

While social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are already waist-deep into online commerce, Twitter has been slow to follow suit. However, the company has announced just in time for the holiday season that it now features a “Live Shopping” experience. Twitter’s first major partner in the live shopping experience is an important one — Wal-Mart.

Those who participate in the live shopping experience on Twitter can click on a “Shoppable” banner as well as well as a “Shop” tab on the dedicated page for the live event. Users also can participate in a chat during the livestream that allows them to converse about the products they are viewing.

Twitter 'Live Shopping' experience

B2C Marketing Trends:

B2C Marketing Trends

TeePublic goes old school with its throwback “Rewind to Classic Designs” campaign.

Take a breath, reader. We don’t want to shock you, but we’re now closer to 2040 than we are to 1999. Given our distance from the ’90s, it is reasonable (again, deep breaths) to consider ’90s styles, trends, and clothing nostalgic. Recognizing that a solid portion of its customers still have a great affinity for the 1990s, TeePublic has developed a “Rewind to the Classic Designs” campaign that challenges ’90s lovers and T-shirt aficionados to search for any ’90s-related term on its website and find the perfect shirt.

B2B Marketing Trends:

B2B Marketing Trends

New York’s “Call to Care” initiative receives top B2B campaign honors.

Hearkening back to the style of World War II-era calls for service by individuals like Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter has helped the Iroquois Healthcare Association and its agency of record, Mower, receive accolades for achieving the best B2B marketing campaign in 2021. The ‘Call to Care’ campaign invites healthcare heroes to search within themselves if they have the “caring gene” that will help them answer the call to serve.

Social Media Marketing Trends:

Social Media Marketing Trends

Disney, TikTok combine forces, add voices to text-to-speech feature.

As part of its “Disney+ Day” digital festivities, Disney developed a partnership with TikTok, allowing the popular voice-to-text option to consist of a few new voices — including some popular Disney voices. Some of the new voices include a storm trooper, Groot, Stitch, and Chewbacca. This is the second time TikTok has allowed a brand to add additional voices to the app, with the first being Ghostface from the Scream franchise around Halloween time.

Disney and TikTok text-to-speech feature

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