Content Marketing Courses for Professionals
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Top Content Marketing Courses and Training for Working Professionals

As content marketing continues to grow in importance in today’s digital marketing landscape, more and more accredited institutions are offering in-depth courses and material that can make you a better content marketer. Many are offered online and can be done on your own time, while others require regular or one-time attendance at the school.

Either way, these content marketing courses and certifications offer some of the best instructors and training in content marketing and are sure to help you become a better writer and marketer, no matter your industry or the campaign you are creating.

Top online content marketing courses and marketing training to up your strategy and media skills:

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Northwestern University's content strategy courses for professionals

1. Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism

Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism is a prestigious institution when it comes to content and media. There’s a reason you’ll see “Medill.” — with that declarative period — on the school’s swag. It is Medill — period. So earning a certification or just completing a course from arguably the best J-school in America would be impressive and useful — period.

Northwestern currently hosts its Content Strategy for Professionals certificate program on Coursera. All the courses can be taken (aka “audited”) for free, but to receive grades and take tests, it costs ~$50/month for the courses. In most cases, it may cost additional tuition to receive an actual certificate from Northwestern.

The content strategy program consists of five courses completely online, four of which last three weeks each, with the fifth and final project course taking four weeks (the project course is only offered 3-4 times a year).



Columbia Journalism School's courses for content marketing professionals

2. Columbia Journalism School

Columbia is another prestigious university that offers continuing education courses in media. They focus mainly on reporting, with in-person courses available in tracks like leadership, data, and investigative reporting, all of which focus on journalism. However, with the rise of journalists going into content marketing, taking a few in-depth courses on journalism isn’t such a bad idea.

If you want to take it a step further, Columbia’s School of Journalism also offers Lede 12, a 12-week summer intensive program on campus that teaches programming and technical skills with a journalism slant. Students can then parlay this experience into an additional 12-week fall program expanding upon what they learned in the previous 12 weeks.

Although there are lots of courses offered at various times, you might want to browse their offerings for specific bootcamps. For instance, in November 2019 they’re offering an “intensive” ‘Three-day Audio Essentials Bootcamp’ ($750) on mastering both audio storytelling and equipment for professional podcasts. Sounds pretty cool.

Rutger's content marketing training courses

3. Rutgers University Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing

Rutgers offers a 12-week in-person and online “Mini-MBA” in digital marketing for those wishing to continue their education outside of traditional higher education. This program provides a good overall view of digital marketing and content creation. The online program currently costs about $3,500 and takes a total of 40 hours or so to complete, while the in-class program costs about $5,000. The entire course has a teacher and starts on specific dates, much like a traditional college course.

The next in-class accelerate program is June 3-7, 2019. The next online, self-paced program is June 12 to Sept., 4 2019.

content marketing certifications in content strategy and storytelling

4. University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education

This Seattle-based university has an 8-month online course that offers a certificate in storytelling and content strategy with three courses: content creation (the power of storytelling), content strategy (crafting the user experience), and content science (data analysis & understanding the problem). The certificate currently costs ~$3,500 and requires work experience, a basic understanding of marketing, and a presence on social media.

The next program starts in October 2019.

DePaul's content marketing seminars for professionals

5. DePaul University’s Online Content Marketing Strategy Certificate Program

If you want a structured program with more attention from an instructor, DePaul University in Chicago offers a six-week course specifically for online content marketing, with classes limited to 15-20 students. Here’s the schedule from the next syllabus:

  • Week 1: Foundations of a content marketing strategy
  • Week 2: How to build a long-term content strategy
  • Week 3: How to optimize content for search
  • Week 4: Content promotion tactics
  • Week 5: Analysis and data-informed content
  • Week 6: Content marketing mini-hackathon

Course availability changes; however, DePaul offers several other courses in marketing in their Continuing and Professional Education department.

The next program is Sept. 9 – Oct. 20, 2019.

UC San Diego Extension - Content Marketing Courses

6. The University of California-San Diego Extension Content Marketing Course

This weekly course runs for a period of about three months and is done in person or online at various times of the year. This UC-SD extension course highlights how to write content for several different industries and for a variety of different campaigns, like emails and long-form content. Availability for online or in-class courses varies, but the price for the most recent in-class course was $595.

The next program is July 8 – Sept. 7, 2019.

eCornell Integrated Marketing 360 program

7. Integrated Marketing 360 via Cornell University

For a certificate in digital marketing from a renowned Ivy League, Cornell University offers their Integrated Marketing 360 online program via the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Students take a series 10 courses, each two weeks long, covering a range topics, including the customer funnel, strategy, brand positioning, paid media, analysis and more. Although the price is a bit hefty at $7,200, students can opt to pay all upfront or “pay as you go” over the course of 16 months, with their own course schedule. Cornell faculty create and lead the courses, all “100% online.”

Online content marketing training and courses

8. Online Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Certification

The Online Marketing Institute’s classes include topics like “Developing a Content Marketing Strategy,” “Measuring Your Content Marketing Success” and “Content Curation: Making B2B Content Marketing More Feasible,” and cost about $900.

The end of the course has a final exam with exercises to ensure that you have learned the material, and it’s updated regularly.

More sources for on-demand learning and content marketing training

Besides the well-known resources mentioned above, there are also several self-guided continuing education platforms, for which you pay a monthly membership or one-time fee. These platforms allow you to take content marketing courses specifically on the topics you’re interested in, without having to spend time in prerequisites or courses you aren’t likely going to use.

Content Marketing Training and Courses via LyndaSome of the most popular online learning platforms that offer content marketing education are:

  • LinkedIn Learning ($24.99-29.99 per month): Formerly, LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of content marketing courses, from storytelling to staying relevant.
  • SkillShare (Free-$15 per month): SkillShare offers some of its courses for free (which are all offered by industry experts), but you also must subscribe monthly in order to access its premium courses, including marketing psychology and power blogging.
  • Coursera ($50/course to $50/month): Mentioned above, Coursera also brings courses from schools like the University of California-Davis and the University of Illinois. Most of these courses can be audited for free or require an enrollment or monthly membership fee to receive a certificate when completed.

Besides the above colleges and learning platforms, there are several case studies, guides and books available from some of the most well-known content marketers in the industry today, such as Ann Handley’s ‘Everybody Writes‘ and Mark Schaefer’s ‘The Content Code‘. Because our industry is constantly changing, it’s important to always be learning, whether it’s a new course or actionable handbook. Consider your schedule, what you’d most like to learn, and your budget when it comes to taking advantage of all academia has to offer in content marketing.

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