Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones is executive editor at Search Engine Journal, founder of the first and only news content marketing agency, StoryShout, and a writer and digital marketing consultant. Follow her on Twitter.

Top Content Marketing Courses for Professionals Who Want Additional Training

Content marketing is constantly changing, and it’s important that content marketers stay on top of their game. This guide features a number of noteworthy and accredited online, in-person, for-credit and for-fun courses from reputable institutions and organizations.

How do SEO and Storytelling Work Together? An Interview With Casey Markee

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How to Amplify Your Content: Building the Bulletproof Rolodex

How to Amplify Your Content: Building the Bulletproof Rolodex

Peter Shankman, founder of HARO, explains how to get the most of your network and influencers in promoting your content. Length: 44:24.