how to use travel to your advantage as a freelancer

How to Use Traveling to Your Professional Advantage As a Freelancer

Learn how to use jet-setting to your professional advantage as a freelancer. Consider tips from talented digital nomads who have navigated the way.

reputable content marketing awards

Reputable Marketing Awards Your Brand or Agency Should Pursue

Marketing awards are an avenue for reaching your potential. From mainstream to the unexpected, this marketing awards list will guide your pursuit.

why become a content marketing writer

Should You Be a Content Marketing Writer?

Curious about freelancing as a content marketing writer? Find out how you can break into this growing field and secure work from more clients.

5 Tools to Help You Convert Your Website Traffic

5 Tools to Help You Convert Your Website Traffic

Martech expert Ben Beck shares his top five favorite tools for increasing website traffic and boosting conversion rates.

How to Write a Lead

How to Write a Lead: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts, 10 Good Examples

Good lead. Good read. Sharpen your hooks to grab readers’ attention from the get-go, with examples of great and not-so-great leads.

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Lauren Topor Reichert - Winning Work With ClearVoice

How ClearVoice Helped Me… Find and Win New Opportunities As a Fledgling Freelancer

Shifting from moonlighting to full-time freelance is hard. Writer Lauren Topor-Reichert shares how she left the office behind for good (with our help, too).

how to use return of investment roi content marketing

How to Use ROI to Defend Your Content Marketing Efforts

Showing ROI is necessary to accomplish your content marketing goals and to get executive buy-in. Learn how to defend your efforts for SEO, social and email.

facebook disqus comparison wordpress comments

Disqus vs. Facebook Plug-Ins for WordPress Comments

Disqus or Facebook for blog comments? Ben Beck answers a question we often receive from WordPress users. Get the rundown on the pros and cons for each plug-in.

Digital nomad freelancers that do it right

Advice From Writers Who Are Digital Nomads… and Nailing It

If you’re considering packing a bag, grabbing your laptop and going for it, take a page out of these successful writers’ portfolio on how they make the nomadic lifestyle work.

Quotes to Inspire Teamwork and Collaboration

46 Better Quotes to Celebrate Teamwork and Collaboration

ClearVoice is all about putting together great teams to collaborate and build brands with better content. Let’s celebrate our mission with inspiring quotes.

accelerate your content

Use ClearVoice’s Account-Based Casting Call Tool to Scale Business Content, Fast

Learn about ClearVoice’s Account-Based Casting Call, which allows clients to send a content need out to a qualified talent pool and greenlight projects quickly.

The Best Content Marketing Platform for Creating Content - ClearVoice

The Best Content Marketing Platform for Creating Content

Expert Ben Beck has reviewed countless martech tools. So now he shares his thoughts on our own, ClearVoice, your friendly content creation platform.

What Is a Digital Nomad?

So, What Is a Digital Nomad?

Finally, a definition for this emerging sector of professionals: digital nomads.

lindsay tigar

Going Full-Freelance: From Remote Year to ClearVoice, With Contributor Lindsay Tigar

ClearVoice contributor Lindsay Tigar shares her global journey on becoming a full-time freelancer, including the best advice she ever learned on making ends meet.

How to Keep Your Client Pipeline Flowing As a Freelance Writer

How to Keep Your Client Pipeline Flowing As a Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, keeping your flow of work constant can be a challenge. We share tips from executive coaches on optimizing your client pipeline.

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