Please don't use puns.

Fact: Puns Are the Worst. Don’t Put Puns in Your Content.

Content marketers, your readers deserve better than these cheesy, forced plays on words. This is why I hate puns and you should, too.

Video Marketing Checklist: Channels, Tips and Tools

Video marketing is more strategic than simply uploading and sharing a file. Learn how to effectively use and distribute video with these tips, tools and channels.

The 35 Most Overused Phrases in Content Marketing According to Dear Megan

Please, people, give it a rest. Our resident logophile, Dear Megan, names the most tired phrases in content marketing today.


Authenticity: Your Content Marketing Secret Weapon

Online marketing used to be about quantity. Today, getting found online requires quality content and authenticity.

How Skateboarding Mastered Content Marketing More Than 13 Years Ago

Skateboarding shreds it with quality content marketing. Check out the four tactics used by the industry then and now.

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The Anatomy of a Well-Oiled Content Marketing Machine

Assembling a winning content marketing team requires some fine-tuning. Want to create content that makes your brand look good and converts website visitors into customers? Here’s the team you need.

The Role of Ghostwriting in Content Marketing

Ghostwriting has a key role in today’s content marketing landscape. If you’re interested in growing your writing career and you’re willing to hand off your byline, read this.

An Interview With Laura Rubinstein: Secrets of a Social Media Strategist

In this interview with social media marketing strategist and best-selling author Laura Rubinstein, we dive deep into branding, audience development and value-based marketing.

Stop Talking to Yourself: Creating Creative Personas

Produce content that not only educates but entertains with this step-by-step guide to creating creative personas.

How to Get Your Boss to Invest in Content Marketing

You know content marketing is a good idea, but can you explain why? Four steps to improve your approach and get your boss to invest in content marketing.

Best in Show: Top Dogs of Content Marketing

Who is who in the content marketing world? Here’s a creative look at the most important roles in your organization, as dogs.

stating the obvious

3 Ways to Drive Any Self-Respecting Editor Crazy

The top things writers do that drive our lead editor and style maven, Dear Megan, to question her sanity.

how to explain content marketing

How to Explain Content Marketing to the Rest of the World

How do you explain the power of content marketing to people outside the industry? Follow this game plan.

dangling modifiers

Don’t Leave It Dangling: A Guide to Modifiers

Dear Megan’s guide to dangling participles, misplaced modifiers and a tiny rant about why good grammar matters.

blog editor's checklist

Before You Press Publish: A Blog Editor’s Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your blog post has a fighting chance when it goes live online.

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