Best Practices When Requesting Ideas and Pitches From Creatives

Best Practices When Requesting Ideas and Pitches From Creatives

Are you accidentally crossing the line when asking freelancers for pitches or ideas? Follow advice to avoid being blacklisted as a bad client.

how to analyze and improve chatbot experience

10 Tips on How to Analyze and Improve Your Chatbot for Better Results

The invasion of the chatbots continues. But how are your bots holding up? Ben Beck outlines strategies to optimize them in your marketing.

what is niche content

How to Switch Niches: What Is a Content Niche?

Freelancers, niche is the new norm. It’s what clients want. If you haven’t found yours…

How to Use Buyer Personas to Create Character-Driven Content

How to Use Buyer Personas to Create Character-Driven Content

You already created buyer personas, so what’s next? Strengthen your content strategy by using your personas to tell character-driven marketing stories.

creating a brand voice guide 4 tips

Creating a Brand Voice Guide: 4 Key Considerations (and Great Examples)

Before you commission any kind of marketing content, you should have a brand voice guide available to all writers — present and future. Here’s where to start.

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quote women writers

6 Tips Women Writers Swear By to Support Their Female Colleagues

Successful women writers share their best resources and advice for streamlining your business, tracking clients, pitching outlets and putting your best professional foot forward. 

value of twitter lists

Building a Twitter List and Checking It Twice

Twitter lists can help you filter through the noise. Are you using them right?

best screen recording software

Best Screen-Recording Software for Marketers: Camtasia vs. Screencast-O-Matic

Taking live screen captures are. Martech expert Ben Beck grades two popular screen-recording tools for marketers. Which is best for you or your team?

make digital nomading a lifestyle

Digital Nomading: How to Make It a Lifestyle

If you want to take your two-week adventure abroad to a two-year tour, consider these tips from digital nomads who have made this burgeoning sector of work their lifestyle.

how to keep business entity legitimate as a freelancer

How to Keep Your Business Entity Legitimate As a Freelancer

Going LLC? Learn what formalities to observe and steps to take to keep your entity legitimate and protect yourself while conducting freelance business.

get uncomfortable get results

Get Uncomfortable, Get Results: Energize Your Content Career With a Shift in POV

Fear is the mind-killer. If you’re a content creator, getting too comfortable in your work habits can hamper your career. Get tips to break outside your comfort zone.

tools to help make interactive content

8 Tools to Help You Create Interactive Marketing Content

The appeal of interactive content continues to skyrocket. Martech expert Ben Beck shares interactive content tools to help you up your game.

how to use travel to your advantage as a freelancer

How to Use Traveling to Your Professional Advantage As a Freelancer

Learn how to use jet-setting to your professional advantage as a freelancer. Consider tips from talented digital nomads who have navigated the way.

reputable content marketing awards

Reputable Marketing Awards Your Brand or Agency Should Pursue

Marketing awards are an avenue for reaching your potential. From mainstream to the unexpected, this marketing awards list will guide your pursuit.

why become a content marketing writer

Should You Be a Content Marketing Writer?

Curious about freelancing as a content marketing writer? Find out how you can break into this growing field and secure work from more clients.

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