Grow Your Freelance Business This Year: Quarter One

How to Grow Your Freelance Business This Year: Quarter One

Planning is essential if you want to grow your freelancing business. Here are three key ways to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year (if you’ve let half of Q1 already pass you by).

bold tactics freelancer get more clients

5 Bold Tactics to Earn More Clients: What Winning Freelancers Are Doing

As a freelancer, you just can’t sit around and wait for jobs to come your way. You have to win them. Here are bolder ways freelancers are taking charge of their own destinies.

google analytics wordpress plugin

Can the New Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Beat MonsterInsights for Your Website Analytics?

Choosing the right plugin to integrate Google Analytics with your website can be quite discombobulating. Martech expert Ben Beck shares insights on Google’s new Site Kit plugin and how it compares to MonsterInsights.

interview pretty extraordinary mom danielle smith

An Interview With ‘Pretty Extraordinary’ Working Mom/Influencer, Danielle Smith

After walking away from a major car accident, Danielle Smith left her career as a TV anchor and become her own boss and founded Learn how she shifted into the world of new media.

freelancers evolving role economy

The Evolving Role of Writers in the Gig Economy: Growing Your Freelancing Skill Set (1 of 5)

Get in sync with the times as a writer, if you want to earn more. Understand what you need to master, why it’s important and of course, how to go after it. Read the first in our five-part series on the modern skill set needed for freelance writers.

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essential business friends freelancer

The Eight Essential Business Friends a Permalancer Needs

Nobody can go it alone. As a freelancer, you need people in your professional life for financial reasons, references, creative support, and industry events. Permalancer Lena Katz lines up those who can help your business the most.

grade criteria wix weebly squarespace

Graded Comparisons: Wix vs. Squarespace vs. Weebly

Martech expert Ben Beck puts three popular website creation tools through their paces. Which one will emerge victorious? Which is the best fit for you? Keep reading…

apply lazy user model to pitching strategy

Apply the Lazy User Model to Your Pitching Strategy for More Wins

The Lazy User Model of solution selection (LUM) is a theory that researchers developed to predict what leads humans to adopt a certain technology when given several options. So how can freelancers use it to their advantage?

mastering creative briefs 10 keys

Want to Master Your Next Creative Brief? 10 Key Sections to Cover

For clients tasked with creating in-depth campaign or project briefs for dissemination to content creators, we outline how best to convey your needs.

Importance of Stories

2019 State of Social Media Report Touts Importance of Stories

On the #ContentRadar this week… Social media marketing in 2019 is all about story time. Also, Facebook plans to merge Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and WhatsApp; Marketers are spending more on LinkedIn; and Google gives a gift to all advertisers.

writer publicist duo in gig economy

Become a Writer-Publicist Power Duo in the Gig Economy: Two Success Stories (5 of 5)

In the gig economy, your job security relies on your own ability to build professional relationships. When you try to expand your network as a freelance writer or publicist, take a cue from these two pairs who have mastered professional synchrony to succeed.

white label marketing tools agency use

How to White Label Marketing Tools for Your Agency Use

Ever investigated white labeling tools or services for your agency? Martech expert Ben Beck explains the strategy and offers key tips on what to look for in a white label marketing solution.

interview age of ideas for creatives alan phillips

Tapping Into ‘The Age of Ideas’ for Creatives: Interview With Alan Philips, Brand Invigorator

We ask Alan Philips, former SVP of Brand Experience at WeWork, about his new book ‘The Age of Ideas’ and how to help creatives unlock their creative power.

Mobile Ads' Effectiveness at Bedtime

Study: Don’t Sleep on Mobile Ads’ Effectiveness at Bedtime

On the #ContentRadar this week: Bedtime might be the best time for mobile ads. Also, cross-promote events on Facebook Stories; and YouTube introduces project swipey watch.

Make $100K as a Freelancer Writer? Five Successful Women Share Their Advice

How to Make $100K or More As a Freelance Writer? Five Successful Women Share Their Advice

What does it take to earn $100K or more as a freelance writer? Five women share their success, with tips on how to value yourself and your time.

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