Freytag's Pyramid: Dramatic Structure

Learning Freytag’s Pyramid: 5 Cool Examples of How to Use It in Marketing

Stories sell. Embrace the drama we innately crave. See modern examples of how marketers use Gustav Freytag’s classic template for storytelling to boost engagement.

How to Make Great Business Podcasts: Q+A With Wondery CCO Marshall Lewy

How to Craft Great Business Podcasts: Q+A With Wondery CCO Marshall Lewy

We’re chatting with Wondery Chief Content Officer Marshall Lewy on how great podcast producers craft story, hire voices, and how businesses can emulate their practices to get way more downloads.

Four Inspiring, Badass Female Writers to Watch

Advocates, journalists, entrepreneurs. We interview four women who are making waves in politics and the world of content. Their inspo is contagious.

use the eisenhower matrix to redo your to do list

Use the Eisenhower Matrix to Joyfully Unclutter Your To-Do List

Before there was Marie Kondo, President Eisenhower created a decluttering system for your to-do list… and it’s life changing, especially for freelancers.

Understanding the New EU Copyright Directive

Understanding the New EU Copyright Directive: What SEOs and Marketers Shoud Know

With the passing of the European Union Copyright Directive, the world of online marketing and content marketing might be forever altered. Let’s dive into what it all means.

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Acronym Bootcamp for Non-Engineers

Acronym Bootcamp for Non-Engineers (That’s You, Marketers)

Have you ever felt as if you’re trapped in Engineering on the Starship Enterprise? Martech expert Ben Beck rounds up and defines 20 common terms and acronyms marketers should know to better communicate with their product teams and engineers.

writers need to know cms

Why Writers Need to Know CMS

Freelancers, if you haven’t dabbled into the various content management systems, here’s your news flash to add it to your must-do for the year. Here, what you need to know — and why.

Influitive vs. Higher Logic vs. Lithium

Online Community App Reviews: Lithium vs. Influitive vs. Higher Logic

Martech expert Ben Beck compares three popular online community apps: Lithium, Influitive, and Higher Logic. Get the rundown on the strengths and weaknesses of each, plus graded results.

Female Writers on How They Fight for Fair Pay: 7 Tips to Empower Yourself

Female Writers on How They Fight for Fair Pay: 7 Tips to Empower Yourself

Powerhouse women who know their worth give their best advice on how to fight for fair pay as a freelance writer.

write boilerplates

How to Write Great Boilerplate: 5 Do’s, 5 Don’ts, 5 Examples From Different Industries

Whether you’re a new or evolving brand, you need to tell your story… quickly. Here are five tactics to craft top-notch boilerplate, plus five to avoid.

martech evaluation personas

4 Key Steps to Analyzing the Martech Sophistication of Your Buyer

By understanding your buyers’ current martech stack, you can better position how your product or service can fulfill the needs of potential customers, offering you more informed approaches for conversion.

female writer series building empires

Advice From Women Writers on How They Built Their Freelance Empires

Men wouldn’t shy away from bragging about their success, so why should you? Lindsay Tigar shares wisdom from five successful female freelance writers.


Survey Results: How Freelancers Set Rates for Different Assignments

Get survey results and a full-time freelancer’s breakdown on how tasks, requests, and interview sources affect the pay rate for a typical 1000-word article.

Peer Advice for Freelancers: 9 Lessons on Setting Client Expectations

Peer Advice for Freelancers: 9 Lessons on Setting Client Expectations

Freelancers who are skittish about setting client expectations can unwittingly sabotage their own success. Don’t facepalm your own actions. Glean advice from nine professionals who share life-learned tips for avoiding hiccups.

Top 30 Content Creation Tools

Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers

Ben Beck, our expert martech contributor, reveals his picks for the top content creation tools in several key categories, with a breakdown of cost, skill level and time needed for each.

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