8 new ways to use chatbots marketing

8 New Ways to Use Chatbots and Automated Marketing in 2019

As chatbots improve, so will your chances of keeping customers engaged. Ben Beck outlines key areas in your marketing worth revisiting with chatbots — because they’re getting better every day.

yes grammar is still important

Yes, Good Grammar Is (Still) Important, and Here’s Why

Is a focus on grammar worth your time? Yes, it is. Dear Megan gives us three good reasons why you should care about grammar, the good kind.

data week instagram use behavior

Focus Group on Must-Know Instagram User Behavior Stats [Data Study]

We asked Instagram users nine simple questions about their habits. Get the rundown on how their answers might affect how you use IG to get OMGs for your brand.

Seize Engagement on Instagram

New Study on How Brands Can Seize More Engagement on Instagram

On the #ContentRadar this week: Brands could be using Instagram more effectively. Also, unconventional emails drive greater engagement; Google’s “yellow ad” will cost it $10 million; and proof that engaging with your Twitter audience can pay off. 

publicist series part 3

Top 7 Etiquette Rules for Public Relations (3 of 5)

For the dynamic between a publicist and a writer, here are some thoughtful etiquette rules to keep in mind and exercise in your daily professional routine. 

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Focus Group on 'Going Remote': We Ask Digital Nomads Around the World

Focus Group on ‘Going Remote’: We Ask Digital Nomads Around the World

Curious about how freelancers have experienced the process of “going remote,” we surveyed 37 digital nomads, ranging from ages 21 to 69, and currently spread about four continents. Here’s what they had to say.

Get Work from Vetted Clients

Introducing Vetted Leads for Freelancers, Direct From Their CV Portfolios

Are you a member of the ClearVoice Talent Network? Now get instant leads for projects, direct requests to pitch to brands, or even instant assignments… from vetted, potential clients.

The Work Habits of Freelancers Revealed: Where Do You Measure Up?

Survey: The Work Habits of Freelancers Revealed (Where Do You Stack Up?)

How many cups of coffee do freelancers drink per day? And do they wear underpants when they drink it? These answers and more (!) in a revealing survey about the freelance life.

time spent social media data

Time Spent on Social Media Is Plateauing: Here’s What the Data Says You Should Start Exploring Instead

While eMarketer’s latest report shows the winners and losers in terms of social media use, we look to data that point to other competing media on the rise.

invasion of the word snatchers emojis spelling

Invasion of the Word Snatchers: Emoji, GIFs and ‘Moar’… Does It Bother You? [Survey Results]

Emojis, GIFs and horrid spelling are running rampant in our social media-crazed world. We surveyed 50+ professionals between the ages of 21 and 65 about their thoughts on the inescapable trend.

The Data Behind the Changing Customer Journey

We Asked, You Answered: The Data Behind the Changing Customer Journey

See the results of our 15-point survey (with the help of researchers at Pennsylvania State University and University of Virginia) on how marketers use buyer/customer journey maps and tackle customer journey management (CJM).

publicist series what publicists get wrong

Don’t Kill Your Earned Media Ops: What Publicists and Journalists Get Wrong (2 of 5)

Ever have an interview pulled? A deadline blown? Don’t let a breakdown in the publicist-journalist relationship kill an earned media op. Get tips for a better working relationship.

From 'Chopped' to 'Master Chef': Making Food TV With Crystal Bahmaie

From ‘Chopped’ to ‘Master Chef’: Making Food TV With Crystal Bahmaie

Chomping at the bit to write or produce in the food industry? Read our interview with veteran television producer and writer Crystal Bahmaie, with credits that include producing and writing for ‘MasterChef’, producing for Disney, and six seasons as Senior Producer on ‘Chopped’.

Things Marketers Capitalize on During Record-Setting Holiday Shopping

Four Things for Marketers to Capitalize on During Record-Setting Holiday Shopping

On the #ContentRadar this week: Black Friday sprawl; YouTube “ad pods”; Instagram profile changes; and brands’ misleading use of influencers.

publicist series part 1 role of publicist in journalism

The Role of a Publicist in Journalism and How They Help Writers, Too (1 of 5)

In part one of our five-part series on publicists, we discuss the role of a publicist and how they can benefit both publications and freelance writers.

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