clearvoice product launch

15 Lessons Learned From the ClearVoice Product Launch

Key ClearVoice team members share their top lessons learned from the product launch.

writer procrastination

Pros and Cons: Confessions of a Procrastination Junkie

In honor of Fight Procrastination Day, we take a dig at why writers procrastinate (warning: it isn’t pretty but it’s pretty funny).

active voice vs. passive voice

Dear Megan: Passive (Boo Hiss) Versus Active (Hooray) Voice

Our resident grammarian and style expert, Dear Megan, kicks off her inaugural column with a tipsy reminder about passive and active voice construction.

Diction Affliction: That’s So Cliché… Or Is It?

Can clichés help seed creativity during the writing process? A fresh look at the trite expression.

Copyright Law and Social Media: Use the “Share” Button

Recently a Facebook Page I follow posted a somewhat annoyed status update. The admin of this Page (Page A) was upset because of a message he or she received regarding content Page A had “stolen” from Page B. Here’s what happened: Page B posted content. Page A, rather than using the “Share” option, saved the […]

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