How Do SEO and Storytelling Work Together? An Interview With Casey Markee

How can storytelling elevate your blog posts or invigorate content for “boring” industries? SEO expert and founder of Media Wyse, Casey Markee, shares insights to up your content mojo.

social media automation

Simple Ways to Use IFTTT to Automate Social Media Marketing

Learn to automate three social media marketing tasks through IFTTT (If This Then That) integrations. Get simple instructions to get your applets up and running in minutes.

How to Use Competitive Analysis to Build a Content Strategy

You can’t let the competition dictate your strategy, but you do need to know how they’re positioning themselves. Sid Bharath explains how to use this knowledge to inform your own strategy.

Editorial tasks

What Does an Editor DO, Anyway? Why Your Brand Needs an Editor #ForSure

Everyone needs an editor, right? Right. But gone are the days when an editor simply cleaned up copy. Oh, they still do that — and a whole lot more, too.

Freelancers: 5 Copywriting Tricks to Deliver Copy That Converts

Of course you want to deliver high-quality content for your clients. When it comes to writing for the Web, you also want to write copy that encourages action and helps your clients’ businesses grow.

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Automated Customer Review Solicitation

DIY Guide: Build an Automated Customer Review Solicitation Program

Increase the number of favorable customer reviews your company has on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Ben Beck explains how to set up an automated review system in just an hour or two.

Making Your Evergreen Content Actionable

Making Your Evergreen Content Actionable

Get the most bang for your content buck. Learn how to think strategically in order to create and optimize evergreen content. Length: 49:53.

How to Scale Your Content Creation Using Freelance Writers

This much you know: You need to step up content production. Jacob Warwick explains how to find freelance writers, set expectations and negotiate long-term relationships, all in an effort to create more and better content.

Boost Email Click-Thru Rates With Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are replacing GIFs as the preferred format for animated images — they’re more aesthetically pleasing, the quality is better and viewers don’t get caught up in that “endless loop” effect. Ben Beck explains how to use Cinemagraphs in your email marketing.

Build Value With These Bright Methods for Content Curation

Is your brand creating content but not curating it? There are numerous benefits to content curation, and even more ways to do it. Britt Skrabanek explains.

Content Marketers, Put Your CTAs Above the Fold (With 1 Huge Exception)

Not all parts of your site are created equal, from both a user experience and conversions standpoint. Put your calls to action where more people will see them, click and convert.

DIY Guide for HubSpot Users: How to Provide Sales Alerts via Slack

HubSpot and Slack are two of the most used solutions in marketing automation and corporate chat. With a Zapier integration and these step-by-step instructions, you can get timely and meaningful alerts in front of your sales team.

6 Steps to Building an Audience With Content

If you want to see results in six months, go buy advertising. It takes a long time — up to 18 months or even longer — to build a relationship with an audience. Danny Goodwin explains what Joe Pulizzi threw down at the Adobe conference last month.

apruve case study

Save Time and Generate More Leads Like Apruve

“At Apruve, we’re blogging five times a week, adding up to 20 hours (4 hours X 5 days) if we did it ourselves. With ClearVoice, I can handle the content generation and management in just 2.5 hours, saving us 17.5 hours a week!” – Matt Osborn, Apruve

How to Increase Conversions With Product Recommendation Emails

The more your customers get product recommendations that are tailored to their interests and behaviors, the more likely they are to convert. It’s as simple as that.

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