Google Search and Marketers

Content Radar: What Google’s Top 100 “How To” Searches Mean for Marketers

What are the takeaways from Google’s latest worldwide Top 100? Is FB trying to siphon stories from IG? And are your marketing emails giving readers what they really want?

Measuring Influencer Marketing

Don’t Think You Can Measure Influencer Marketing Campaign KPIs? Think Again…

With the overheated attention given toward influencers, how can you make sure you influencer campaigns are really hitting your goals? Get tips on tracking KPIs without relying on influencers’ un-vetted vanity metrics.

ClearVoice Pitching

Easily Request Content Ideas From Writers With Pitching from ClearVoice

Great content starts with great ideas. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature: pitching.

Spot Fake Followers Artificial Influence

Five Ways to Spot Fake Followers That Could Sink Your Influencer Campaign

Successful influencer marketing campaigns can have great ROI. But how can you protect yourself from buying into an influencer who might not be all that? Get key tips to vet influencers, weed out fake followers, and better set your expectations.

sponsored instagram ads

Instagram’s New Sponsored Content Feature: What It Means for Marketers (Rejoice!)

San Francisco-based tech adviser Hung Doan helps de-mystify Instagram’s new sponsored content feature and how it can help marketers, in turn, de-mystify the value of influencers.

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Focus on Customer Experience

Focus on Customer Experience (CX) to Grow Your Marketing Agency

Trends show customer experience (CX) could be a key differentiator for your marketing agency in the future. Which factors should you focus on now?

Influencer Marketing Gamification

Influencer Marketing Gamification: How to Use Promoto

Third in a martech series on influencer and advocate marketing, Ben Beck explores how to engage customers and promoters with gamification using Promoto.

Prospect Marketing For Agencies

Prospect Marketing for Agencies: Why Winmo/The List Beats Out LinkedIn

Looking for new tools to grow your client base? We dive deeper into why Winmo/The List won out as the most popular prospecting software for agencies, in a recent survey.

The Pitching Game: 4 Freelance Pitch Examples and a Template

The Pitching Game: 4 Freelance Pitch Examples and a Template

How well are you filling up your calendar with freelance work? Freelance writer Angela Tague shares tips and real-life examples of pitching to top brands to help keep your work flowing. Plus, download a free template to get your pitches started.

Influencer Marketing Tech

A Simple Guide to Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity and, with technology, in effectiveness. But before you go hog wild, reset your expectations with Ben Beck’s primer on influencer marketing, first in a four-part series.

consolidate your marketing tools

How Agencies Can Wrangle Chaos by Consolidating Martech [SlideShare]

Need to simplify your agency’s tool set so you can amplify output? Stop wrestling with tool consolidation and reap the benefits. Plus, review a quick SlideShare on how ClearVoice for Agencies can help streamline your process.

The Power of Pay for Tech Writers: Are Freelance Rates and Quality Correlated? [STUDY]

We assigned three writers the same assignment, a 400-word article about “Security Best Practices for Development Operations Teams.” Twenty editorial pros rated the quality of each of submission. Here are the findings…

podcast series

Freelancer Success Stories: Visibility in the Freelance Economy [Podcast]

Getting freelance work, learning from your mistakes, social and selling yourself… Listen to a roundtable podcast about common freelancer issues, with guests Stacy Jackson, Berrak Sarikaya, and Jacob Warwick.

Optimizing Evergreen Content So It’s More Actionable and Zombie-Proof

Don’t let your best content just drift off into zombie land. Get more bang for your buck with tips to keep pumping life into your evergreen content.

reignite your social media marketing

How to Reignite Your Social Media With Great Storytelling

Does your social need a refresher? Get inspo to reboot your approach with a SlideShare of great examples of social media storytelling.

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