dangling modifiers

Don’t Leave It Dangling: A Guide to Modifiers

Dear Megan’s guide to dangling participles, misplaced modifiers and a tiny rant about why good grammar matters.

blog editor's checklist

Before You Press Publish: A Blog Editor’s Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your blog post has a fighting chance when it goes live online.

improve your writing

5 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your Writing

So you want to be a better writer in 2015? Start by resolving to follow these five tips.


Branding Ovation: Drybar Blows Its Way Into Clients’ Hair and Hearts

Read our interview with Alli Webb, the mastermind behind Drybar, and how she drives client loyalty with cohesive brand messaging, social media authenticity and the promise of good hair days.

earth rated

Branding Ovation: Earth Rated Gives Paws to User-Generated Content

We’re giving a branding ovation to Earth Rated, where dogs are a content marketer’s best friend.

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simple prose

The Importance of Being Ernest: Keep It Simple, Writers

Are you a Hemingway or Faulkner? Dear Megan makes the case for trading your thesaurus for clear, simple and unembellished prose.

New Belgium Brewing Tour de Fat

Branding Ovation: Insanely Eventful Content Marketing Defines New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing pours itself into each of the four pillars of strategic content marketing, especially its fiercely fun and rewarding Tour de Fat events.

very unique

Grammar (Please) Don’t: Very Unique

Dear Megan shakes a finger at absolute modifiers.

letter to my younger self

Just Keep Writing: Letters to My Younger Writer Self

A professional writer’s love/hate relationship with writing chronicled in a collection of letters to her younger self.

5 rules of good content writing

The 5 Golden Rules of Good Content Writing

Creating good content starts with following these five basic rules.

Should You Be a Content Marketing Writer?

Should You Be a Freelance Content Marketing Writer?

Do you have what it takes to be a content marketing writer? Find out how to break into this emerging field.

Comma Splices and Cliches

Comma Splices and Cliches: Don’t Even (Seriously, for My Sanity)

What’s displeasing Dear Megan? Plenty. But let’s start with comma splices and clichés.

content marketing lessons from baby

Cute Sells and Other Content Marketing Tips From My Tot

Five content marketing lessons learned from my three-toothed miracle.

oxford comma

The Oxford Comma: Heave it or Leave it? (Prepare for Verbal Fisticuffs)

In this week’s Dear Megan column, our resident style maven goes head to head with the Oxford comma.

5 Football Plays to Up Your Content Marketing Game

What can a content marketer learn from an avid football fan? Plenty.

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