Why Is It So Hard to Get Employees to Contribute Content?

It was supposed to be so easy: Employees could create content. All that free content would just roll right in. Hal Werner explains 9 key challenges to this method of content creation & what you can do about them.

The Key to Moving Your Blog Subscribers Closer to Close

Personalized content. You’ll boost subscriber engagement and move these people down your funnel when you personalize content based on subscribers’ interests and stage.

[B2B Content Guide]: The Types of Content That Fuel Your Funnel

More leads, higher conversion, more repeat customers. Get up to speed on content types to fuel your marketing automation: blogs, ebooks, emails and more.

How to Create a Compelling Case Study for Inbound Marketing

Yes, you should create a case study. Let’s get into why your brand should be creating them and learn the basics on executing them correctly.

Content Marketing, Automation and the Stages of Your Sales Funnel: An Introduction

Marketing automation enables businesses to set up automated campaigns, nurture sequences and repeat tasks that move prospects through the sales funnel. But without exceptional content, it means nothing.

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Be a True SEO Hero & Help Win $50,000 for Charity [Guest Post]

You don’t have to do anything outrageous to make the world a better place. SEO expert Brian Wood explains how you can help him direct $50,000 to the Worldbuilders charity.

How to Onboard & Collaborate With Freelance Writers

The best freelance writers become partners with your brand. Learn what to give them so they can be successful and you can meet your content goals.

How to Use a Drip Marketing Campaign to Build Trust and Loyalty

Done right, an email drip campaign establishes your company as an industry leader, provides prospects with important information to help solve their problems and nurtures them down the sales funnel.

Content Marketing Lessons From 5 Amazing TED Talks

Watching a good TED Talk can inspire your marketing team to create really great content. We compiled our favorites to reinvigorate your content strategy.

How Much Should You Pay a Freelance Writer? A Guide to Budgeting for Content

Every content marketer has posed this question at least once: How much should I pay a freelancer to write this? Let us help you answer and plan your budget.

Video Is a Tactic, Not a Strategy: Staying on Message in a Video-Dominated World

Creating lots of videos as part of your content marketing strategy? Great. Now stop that. Read this first.

How to Vet Freelance Writers: Ask These Questions Before You Hire

Hiring freelancers? Great — just don’t go hiring anyone blindly. Vet them first. Here’s what you need to know and ask before you agree to work with them.

How to Humanize Your Brand to Improve the Customer Buyer Journey

When you add a more human element to your brand, you create a more personalized experience for the customer. Jacob Warwick discuses how to get started.

How to Step up Your Content Distribution Plan With Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy amplifies your content and brings credibility to your brand. Britt Skrabanek lays out everything you need to know to launch an employee advocacy program at your company.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

Should your brand be on Snapchat? Instagram Stories? Or maybe neither? Chad Buleen explains the nuances of each to help you decide.

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