martech evaluation personas

4 Key Steps to Analyzing the Martech Sophistication of Your Buyer

By understanding your buyers’ current martech stack, you can better position how your product or service can fulfill the needs of potential customers, offering you more informed approaches for conversion.

female writer series building empires

Advice From Women Writers on How They Built Their Freelance Empires

Men wouldn’t shy away from bragging about their success, so why should you? Lindsay Tigar shares wisdom from five successful female freelance writers.


Survey Results: How Freelancers Set Rates for Different Assignments

Get survey results and a full-time freelancer’s breakdown on how tasks, requests, and interview sources affect the pay rate for a typical 1000-word article.

Peer Advice for Freelancers: 9 Lessons on Setting Client Expectations

Peer Advice for Freelancers: 9 Lessons on Setting Client Expectations

Freelancers who are skittish about setting client expectations can unwittingly sabotage their own success. Don’t facepalm your own actions. Glean advice from nine professionals who share life-learned tips for avoiding hiccups.

Top 30 Content Creation Tools

Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers

Ben Beck, our expert martech contributor, reveals his picks for the top content creation tools in several key categories, with a breakdown of cost, skill level and time needed for each.

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online courses freelance skills competitive

More Than Words: Online Courses to Improve Your Freelancer Toolbox (and Stay Competitive)

Digital marketing, content strategy, academic certifications… Here are some of the best companies providing online courses that help freelancers — and all professionals, for that matter — stay competitive in the job market and win more freelance jobs.

alan phillips hot seat perpetual beta brand marketing

The Hot Seat: Alan Philips on Brand Marketing, Perpetual Beta and More

Former WeWork and current Turnberry Chief Brand Officer Alan Philips sounds off on hot takes of note for brand marketers and creatives.

Marketing tools for white labeling

White Label Marketing Tools: 9 to Seriously Consider

Martech expert Ben Beck reviews some of the best white label marketing tools for agencies who want to leverage more services and broaden their value for clients.

write great bios

How to Write Great Bios for Others: 5 Do’s, 5 Don’ts, 5 Good Examples

Writing a professional bio for another person, or even a business entity, can be more challenging than writing your own. We lay down the rules to do it right.

grow your freelance skillset

What Writers Should Know About SEO to Stay Competitive in 2019

Although Google’s known for fickle algorithm changes, here are six key approaches to help your writing survive them all, so you can win at SEO for clients.

digital mom interview audrey mcclelland

‘Digital Mom’ Audrey McClelland on Her Shift From Full-Time Fashion to Freelance

We interview Audrey McClelland, author of ‘The Digital Mom Handbook’, about her transition from the full-time fashion world at Donna Karan to being an independent entrepreneur.

10 essential wordpress plug in plugin content marketing

10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Content Marketers

Martech expert, Ben Beck, answers one of your top questions: What are the best WordPress plugins for driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting conversion?

Best Practices for Interviewing as a Writer

8 Interviewing Skills for Writing Like an Expert on Anything (Even If You’re Not Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Tasked with a new or challenging topic? Sharpen your interviewing skills to write like an expert on anything. Get a journalist’s tips on how to interview experts, influencers, and leaders.

niche expert allison levine interview

Niche Expert: Allison Levine’s Journey From Wine Consumer to Marketer to Blogger to… GM of Effervescence

Live for vino? Learn how Allison Levine evolved from a wine consumer to a niche marketing expert in the beverage industry.

A Message From Our ClearVoice Founders

ClearVoice Is Joining the Fiverr Family!

Today, we are making a momentous leap forward as we announce the acquisition of ClearVoice by Fiverr, the world’s leading digital services marketplace.

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