Influencer Marketing Tech

A Simple Guide to Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity and, with technology, in effectiveness. But before you go hog wild, reset your expectations with Ben Beck’s primer on influencer marketing, first in a four-part series.

consolidate your marketing tools

How Agencies Can Wrangle Chaos by Consolidating Martech [SlideShare]

Need to simplify your agency’s tool set so you can amplify output? Stop wrestling with tool consolidation and reap the benefits. Plus, review a quick SlideShare on how ClearVoice for Agencies can help streamline your process.

The Power of Pay for Tech Writers: Are Freelance Rates and Quality Correlated? [STUDY]

We assigned three writers the same assignment, a 400-word article about “Security Best Practices for Development Operations Teams.” Twenty editorial pros rated the quality of each of submission. Here are the findings…

podcast series

Freelancer Success Stories: Visibility in the Freelance Economy [Podcast]

Getting freelance work, learning from your mistakes, social and selling yourself… Listen to a roundtable podcast about common freelancer issues, with guests Stacy Jackson, Berrak Sarikaya, and Jacob Warwick.

Optimizing Evergreen Content So It’s More Actionable and Zombie-Proof

Don’t let your best content just drift off into zombie land. Get more bang for your buck with tips to keep pumping life into your evergreen content.

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A SEO Round Table: Separating Truth From Myth

“Can SEO please stop changing?!” you scream. “No,” the universe snickers. Wrap your noggin around the latest state of SEO with industry experts Stacy Jackson, Jacob Warwick and Jesse Teske.

pay rate study

The Power of Pay for Travel Writers: Study Results on Freelancer Rates and Quality

We assigned one travel article to seven writers and had 30 editorial pros rate the quality of the submissions. Did vetted experts outperform less experienced writers?

chatbot marketing

6 Key Updates That Will Make You Consider Chatbot Marketing

Right now, the chatbot revolution is happening, and it’s just in its infancy. Beat your competition with the most important updates in Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing for early adopters.

create tutorial videos

Making Explainer Videos to Tell Your Brand Stories

By 2020, 80% of web traffic will be video. Will your brand be left behind? If you haven’t already, get a rundown of the elements and tools for making an explainer video for your brand.

Importance of storytelling

Why Is Storytelling Important? You Want Your Brand to Be Remembered

We all love a good story. Our brains are wired for it. Explore a thoughtful piece on storytelling and how it affects your brand. Plus, review seven brands who really get it — and who tap into human experiences in the simplest of stories.

social media conference networking

How to Network Like a Pro at Conferences (Without Necessarily Attending)

If your budget limits your opportunities to attend industry conferences, don’t give up so easily. Virtual attendance is a growing phenom. Here are five key tips for networking at conferences without ever leaving your home or office.

align content with demand

Content Types: Aligning What You Create With What Your Buyer Wants

“What types of content should I be posting? How do various types of content generate leads?” Marketing consultant Britt Skrabanek helps map out content and the buyer’s journey to answer these all too common questions.

Business Intelligence Tools: Grow vs. Yellowfin vs. Chartio

Scorecard for Business Intelligence Tools: Grow vs. Chartio vs. Yellowfin

Need to button up your business intelligence? Don’t know whether Grow, Chartio or Yellowfin is the best fit for your organization? Ben Beck breaks down the pros and cons of each.

Agile Marketing DK

How to Succeed in Your Agile Marketing Journey [TRANSCRIPT]

What’s all the buzz about agile marketing? We’ll tell you. It’s about rocketing to success. If you missed our webinar with Douglas Karr, here’s your chance to catch up… Video. Transcript. Q&A. Stellar advice.

successful marketing strategy

The Must-Have Elements of Creating a Great Content Campaign With ClearVoice

Creating sporadic content pieces is an immediate customer turnoff because they create a jarring journey and inconsistent brand message. Keep your content and brand voice in line by creating cohesive campaigns with ClearVoice.

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