Should You Be a Freelance Content Marketing Writer?

Do you have what it takes to be a content marketing writer? Find out how to break into this emerging field.

Comma Splices and Cliches

Comma Splices and Cliches: Don’t Even (Seriously, for My Sanity)

What’s displeasing Dear Megan? Plenty. But let’s start with comma splices and clichés.

content marketing lessons from baby

Cute Sells and Other Content Marketing Tips From My Tot

Five content marketing lessons learned from my three-toothed miracle.

oxford comma

The Oxford Comma: Heave it or Leave it? (Prepare for Verbal Fisticuffs)

In this week’s Dear Megan column, our resident style maven goes head to head with the Oxford comma.

5 Football Plays to Up Your Content Marketing Game

What can a content marketer learn from an avid football fan? Plenty.

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writer procrastination

Pros and Cons: Confessions of a Procrastination Junkie

In honor of Fight Procrastination Day, we take a dig at why writers procrastinate (warning: it isn’t pretty but it’s pretty funny).

active voice vs. passive voice

Dear Megan: Passive (Boo Hiss) Versus Active (Hooray) Voice

Our resident grammarian and style expert, Dear Megan, kicks off her inaugural column with a tipsy reminder about passive and active voice construction.

Diction Affliction: That’s So Cliché… Or Is It?

Can clichés help seed creativity during the writing process? A fresh look at the trite expression.

Copyright Law and Social Media: Use the “Share” Button

Recently a Facebook Page I follow posted a somewhat annoyed status update. The admin of this Page (Page A) was upset because of a message he or she received regarding content Page A had “stolen” from Page B. Here’s what happened: Page B posted content. Page A, rather than using the “Share” option, saved the […]

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a website for your business and, just like that with no inbound marketing strategy, you’re easily found in Google, your content is consistently shared along all social media platforms, and you’re a brand as recognized and respected as Coke or Kleenex? Also: Pigs will fly, up is […]

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