Is It Time to Hire a Chief Content Officer?

Is It Time to Hire a Chief Content Officer? Here’s How to Know

As content marketing matures, companies find themselves needing someone to run the content show. Emma Siemasko explains what a CCO can do for your brand and provides a sample job description.

How to Manage the Ghostwriting Process When Your CEO Is Swamped

You know your CEO should be guest posting, but who has the time to write articles AND run a company? That’s where ghostwriting comes in.

How to Write Blog Contributor Guidelines

How to Create Contributor Guidelines That Get You Great Content Every Time

Solid contributor guidelines get you better content and fewer headaches. Everyone is clear on the policies and process, and there’s little doubt about who owns the rights.

Need Ideas for Blog Content? We Did the Work for You [RESULTS]

We performed 53 Content Studio searches across 11 verticals. Then our content strategists came up with ideas for trending blog content. Milton Herman explains the results.

Hiring the Right Type of Writer: Generalists vs. SMEs vs. Influencers

Which type of writer do you need for your next content project? ClearVoice CEO Joe Griffin explains the differences between the three types and when to use each one.

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5 Key Elements of Every Successful Business Blog

Successful blogs produce high-quality content, sure — but that’s not all they have in common. Learn five key factors that define the best blogs and how you can emulate their success.

The Secret to Creating Successful Content? It’s in the Headline

Here’s the truth: People won’t click into your content if it has a boring, bland headline. Larry Kim explains — and backs up with data — why a good headline is so vital and how to create a killer one.

FTC rules of endorsement

Don’t Get in Trouble With the FTC: A Marketer’s Guide to the FTC & the Rules of Endorsement

Sponsored content? Paid endorsements? Proper disclosure? Who needs to pay attention to all that? Umm, you do. Cate Scolnik explains.


Boost Your Blog With Influencers: A How-To Guide on 3 Popular Tools

ClearVoice CEO Joe Griffin shows readers how to find influencers using Content Studio, Niche and Followerwonk and gives some guidance on working with them.

How to Use Content Studio to Search 129+ Million Posts and Fuel Your Blog Strategy

ClearVoice’s own Milton Herman explains exactly how to use Content Studio to learn what’s trending and identify influencers in your industry.

How to Be My Favorite Content Editor: 4 Tips From a Freelancer

Content editors, your job is easier when freelancers love working with you. Full-time freelancer Nicki Escudero shows you how to build strong relationships with your freelance writers and bring out their best work.

How to Create Content That Moves People Through the Sales Funnel

People are more likely to buy from companies that deliver customized, valuable content. This post explains how to create content that nurtures them through the purchasing funnel.

The 5 Types of Content Marketing Metrics You Need to Know

Metrics? No sweat, people. This guide features all the content marketing metrics you should be looking at and the tools to make it happen.

content audit

How to Perform a Content Audit in 5 Steps

Is your web content doing what you need it to do? An audit might sound scary, but it’s not. This step-by-step guide walks you through it.

Top Challenges Facing Content Managers (and How to Overcome Them)

We wrap up our three-part series on being a content strategy leader with this post about the major challenges facing content managers and some strategies and tools to overcome them.

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