What Is a Digital Nomad?

So, What Is a Digital Nomad?

Finally, a definition for this emerging sector of professionals: digital nomads.

lindsay tigar

Going Full-Freelance: From Remote Year to ClearVoice, With Contributor Lindsay Tigar

ClearVoice contributor Lindsay Tigar shares her global journey on becoming a full-time freelancer, including the best advice she ever learned on making ends meet.

How to Keep Your Client Pipeline Flowing As a Freelance Writer

How to Keep Your Client Pipeline Flowing As a Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, keeping your flow of work constant can be a challenge. We share tips from executive coaches on optimizing your client pipeline.

Content Marketing Training and Online Courses for Professionals

Top Content Marketing Courses and Training for Working Professionals

See our rundown of some of the best content marketing training in continuing education, from journalism courses to MBAs and certifications in digital marketing.

Bad Social Media Networking Behaviors for Freelancers

Freelancers, Don’t Self-Destruct With These 10 Bad Professional Networking Behaviors on Social Media

Networking is everything to becoming a successful full-time freelancer. But have you committed any of these networking no-nos?

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Market Research Martech Tools

Are You Staying on Trend? Target Better With Key Marketing Research Tools

Refresh your content strategy with insights from several top market research tools. Ben Beck explores marketing tech to help you generate more effective ideas.

How to Know If Your Freelance Business Website Is Outdated

How to Know If Your Freelance Business Website Is Outdated — And What To Do

So how do you know if your freelance business website is up to par? Here, experts share the signs you’re in need of an update and how to get started ASAP.

life after newsroom

Life After Newsrooms: Yes, You Can Build a Successful, Full-Time Freelance Writing Business

Journalists’ work is becoming a permanent part of the gig economy. And if you haven’t made the transition yet, here are tips to prepare yourself for the shift from FTE to freelance.

best practices for video conferencing

Best Practices for Video Conferencing: Tech, Logistics and Prep Tips for Any Situation

Did you get booted out… again? Who’s typing like it’s a firecracker festival? A pro shares tips to avoid technical mayhem in your next video conference.

How to Grow Your Freelancing Rates (and When It's Time to Ask)

How to Grow Your Freelancing Rates (and When It’s Time to Ask for More)

When you become your own boss: How do you know when you’re due for more money? Learn when to ask clients for more.


Hiring a Ghostwriter: Secrets From a Ghostwriting Professional

Need a ghostwriter to help tell your story? Get insights from a ghostwriting pro on setting expectations and rates when hiring a ghostwriter.

How to Format a Writer's Assignment to Get Better Content Back

How to Format a Writer’s Assignment to Get Better Content Back

Great content starts with a detailed concept. Learn how to turn a concept into an assignment for a freelance writer that saves time, money, and hassle.

How to Build a Kickin' Google Analytics Dashboard in Less Than 30 Minutes

How to Build a Kickin’ Google Analytics Dashboard in Less Than 30 Minutes

Martech expert Ben Beck shares his comparison of Google Analytics vs. Databox, and then shows you how to build a content marketing GA dashboard in no time.

how to break up with a client

How to Breakup With a Client — And Not Burn a Bridge

As a freelancer, you might see many clients come and go. But be careful about the going part. Here are tips to remember as a professional.

video killed the content star

Video Marketing: Video Killed the Content Star?

Are writers becoming washed-up content stars in a video-crazed world? Know the irreplaceable value of content in video marketing and find your place.

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