turning time into how infographic

Turning Time Into a ‘How’: Using the Time Flow Method [Audio + Infographic]

So much of content marketing is about timing, yet good time management involves a lot more than just lists and calendars. It requires understanding your behaviors toward time itself. Unlock the flows of time we use every day, so you can apply them to better planning of your content creation, or any projects for that matter.

niche influencers you never expected

Niche Influencer Categories You Never Knew Existed (and That Are on the Rise)

Think food, fashion and travel get all the influencer love? Think again. We uncover growing niches on the rise.

content radar top 11 clearvoice blog posts

Eleven Blogs-a-Blogging: ClearVoice’s Top Blog Posts of 2018

On the #ContentRadar this week: We round up 11 of the year’s top posts from our ClearVoice blog, from marketing insights to industry interviews.

Crossword to Avoid Editorial Disgruntlement

A Crossword to Avoid Editorial Disgruntlement [PDF]

In honor of Crossword Puzzle Day, which today marks the 105th birthday of the first crossword, we created one of our own for disgruntled editors everywhere.

freelancer guide to pitching

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Pitching

Is your pitching style keeping you from scoring better freelance jobs? Get up to speed on the elements of a good pitch and the pros and cons of different pitching styles.

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instagram last minute gifts digital marketers

Instagram Drops Off Three Surprise Last-Minute Gifts to Digital Marketers

On the #ContentRadar this week: Instagram drops off last-minute Christmas gifts for marketers. Also, WordPress users are “AMPed” up; Facebook is testing search ads; and men are much more likely to read online reviews.

refocus creative brand marketers

How to Refocus Your Creative Mindset to Win Work With Brand Marketers

Brands can benefit tremendously from writers with exotic, interdisciplinary backgrounds; but you need to sell that idea to senior executives in the marketing and sales spaces. Here are key tips.

8 new ways to use chatbots marketing

8 New Ways to Use Chatbots and Automated Marketing in 2019

As chatbots improve, so will your chances of keeping customers engaged. Ben Beck outlines key areas in your marketing worth revisiting with chatbots — because they’re getting better every day.

yes grammar is still important

Yes, Good Grammar Is (Still) Important, and Here’s Why

Is a focus on grammar worth your time? Yes, it is. Dear Megan gives us three good reasons why you should care about grammar, the good kind.

data week instagram use behavior

Focus Group on Must-Know Instagram User Behavior Stats [Data Study]

We asked Instagram users nine simple questions about their habits. Get the rundown on how their answers might affect how you use IG to get OMGs for your brand.

Seize Engagement on Instagram

New Study on How Brands Can Seize More Engagement on Instagram

On the #ContentRadar this week: Brands could be using Instagram more effectively. Also, unconventional emails drive greater engagement; Google’s “yellow ad” will cost it $10 million; and proof that engaging with your Twitter audience can pay off. 

publicist series part 3

Top 7 Etiquette Rules for Public Relations (3 of 5)

For the dynamic between a publicist and a writer, here are some thoughtful etiquette rules to keep in mind and exercise in your daily professional routine. 

Build Facebook Chatbot

How to Build Your Own Facebook Chatbot in About 10 Minutes

Building a chatbot is a fairly simple process — in fact, it can be done in about 10 minutes by anyone with some basic tech chops. Martech expert Ben Beck walks you through it in this DIY guide, refreshed with new information for 2018.

Focus Group on 'Going Remote': We Ask Digital Nomads Around the World

Focus Group on ‘Going Remote’: We Ask Digital Nomads Around the World

Curious about how freelancers have experienced the process of “going remote,” we surveyed 37 digital nomads, ranging from ages 21 to 69, and currently spread about four continents. Here’s what they had to say.

Get Work from Vetted Clients

Introducing Vetted Leads for Freelancers, Direct From Their CV Portfolios

Are you a member of the ClearVoice Talent Network? Now get instant leads for projects, direct requests to pitch to brands, or even instant assignments… from vetted, potential clients.

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