real estate niche

Exploring the Real Estate Content Marketing Niche With Agency Founder Carol Morgan

Location, location, location. We all know the mantra, but it takes a lot more than that to succeed in real estate. In this Niche Expert Q+A, we interview Carol Morgan, a real estate content marketing pro who has built an entire agency to serve the new home construction industry in her market of Atlanta, and nationally.

podcasting to win

Podcasting to Win: With Wondery Founder Hernan Lopez

Is your podcast visionary, or just perfunctory? The founder of Wondery, former Fox International CEO Hernan Lopez, shares simple yet crucial strategies for producing a successful podcast, in our one-on-one interview.

Facebook Stories Fairytale Ending

Facebook’s Stories May Have a Fairy Tale Ending After All

On the #ContentRadar this week: Facebook looks to silence Snapchat’s stories. Also, Instagram finally offers advertisers what they have been waiting for; a new campaign exposes the lunacy of reading on social media; and a new study finds using social media on the job is actually good for production.

freelancing as a business

Why It’s Important to Treat Your Freelancing Business Like a Business

Whether you freelance part-time or full-time, thinking of yourself as a business would be wise. How committed are you to being successful? Financial advisor Roger Wohlner shares key points to reset your mindset.

Universities Leading Innovative MarTech Training

Universities That Are Leading the Way in Innovative Martech Training and Courses

Which universities are making large strides with their programs in marketing tech? Ben Beck explores UCLA, Penn State, MIT, and Oxford, to help you find where digital marketing is picking up pace in the classroom.

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travel writer

Content Around the Globe: The Travel Writing Niche (It Ain’t All Glam)

Travel writing might seem glamorous, but it’s definitely not all about mai tais and the beach. To be successful takes a bit of grit and worldly knowhow. We’ll snap you back into reality, gently, with editor and writer John Newton, who’s worked for Condé Nast Traveler and AFAR magazines.

position yourself as an expert

How to Position Yourself As an Expert to Advance Your Freelance Career

Positioning yourself as an expert in your field means letting go of trying to reach everyone. While you are growing and developing your personal brand and business, there are essential approaches to help you display what you know and show clients why they should hire you as a freelancer over someone else.

Social Influence Skorr

Social Influence Scores: Dead or Alive? Klout’s Out, But Is Skorr… In?

On the Content Radar this week: Klout is out, but a new app looks to take its place. Also, Google provides more responsive search ad options; YouTube has an insane number of monthly users, and Snapchat throws out its oft-mocked design.

guide for freelancing full time

Writers Share the Essentials of Diving Into Full-Time Freelancing

Taking the plunge into full-time freelancing isn’t a simple one, but with the right prep — and plenty of pep talks — you can build a career for yourself. Experienced freelance writers share their best tips for keeping finances and business in order.

Review Feedly Storify Pocket

Head-to-Head Reviews for Content Curation: Feedly, Pocket, Wakelet

Better organize your content feeds to keep your ideas flowing. Ben Beck reviews three popular content curation tools: Feedly, Wakelet and Pocket.


Returnships and the Changing Attitudes Toward Career “Gaps”

In our series on defining the modern workforce, we take a quick look at returnships. What are they? What’s the good and bad? Are they fit for freelancers?

Freelancer Writer's Guide for Working for Top Agency

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Working With a Top Ad Agency

Know what it takes to write for an agency? We’d like to thank J Barbush, VP & Creative Director at advertising powerhouse RPA, for his advice for aspiring freelancers. Read up on his six key tips for bettering your chances and success working with creative agencies.

wondery podcasts

Wondery: Five Series to Tune Into, From the Next Big Podcast Network

Podcast startup Wondery claims a sweet spot in content creation and curation within the booming but highly competitive podcast landscape. And it found its spot through strong, innovative storytelling across several successful genres. Here are five Wondery podcasts you should dive into for entertainment, education and a template for success.

Facebook F8 Conference

What You Need to Know — And Do —After Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

On the #ContentRadar this week: Here’s what you really need to know from the F8 Developers Conference. Also, texting may be the answer to your customer service issues; Instagram may soon be a major center for commerce; and Vine 2 is over with before it starts.

successful pitches

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Pitching

Is your pitching style keeping you from scoring better freelance jobs? Get up to speed on the elements of a good pitch and the pros and cons of different pitching styles.