Diving Into Freelance Writing Career

7 Things to Know About Yourself Before Diving Into a Freelance Writing Career

Freelance writing is no longer just a hobby for dilettantes and those wanting a little extra cash. It’s a business — and perceptions are changing rapidly. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into a full-time freelance writing career, expert Gregg Rosenzweig shares his decades of experience to help you decide.

Good, Bad, and Ugly of Email Marketing

New Study Shows the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Email Marketing

On the #ContentRadar this week: Sending more emails doesn’t necessarily result in more readers. Also, Reddit tries its luck with native ads; Facebook lets users sponsor their favorite creators; and Google is destroying bad ads.

8 years freelance

8 Things I’ve Learned the First 8 Years of Freelancing

Shifting into freelance writing as a full-time career takes some effort, and isn’t without its challenges. But once you find your stride, it can be very rewarding. Allie Freeland shares tips to help you take flight, drawing from the highs, lows, and key lessons she’s learned along the way as a freelance writer.

Introducing CV Portfolios

Introducing CVs: A Fully Customizable, Free Portfolio for Freelancers

We’re proud to introduce CV Portfolios, a free tool designed to help professional creatives get hired for freelance jobs.


10 Zapier Apps All Content Marketers Should Use

Wherever your marketing seems to slip into a neverending time suck, there’s likely a Zap to help. Martech expert Ben Beck shares his picks for the best Zapier apps to help you save countless hours, from optimizing social posts to automating contact lists and notifications.

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Brain Food

Freelancer Brain Food to Get Your Creativity Flowing: Work Hard. Keep Snacks Nearby.

Freelancers who have laser-like focus have some tricks up their sleeve; one being proper nutrition. The concept of “brain food” is no myth. In fact, it’s been studied and supported for years by numerous universities. Here are three go-to snacks to cultivate ultimate brain function, and three prompts to get your creativity flowing.

Get Uncomfortable: Energize Your Content

Get Uncomfortable, Get Results: Energize Your Content Career With a Shift in POV

Fear is the mind-killer. If you’re a content creator, getting too comfortable in your work habits can limit your future prospects and hamper your career. Full-time freelancer Lena Katz offers some tough love for those skittish about change, with suggestions on pushing yourself outside your comfort zone with actionable tips.

Accountability with ROI Influencer Scores

Accountability for Influencer Marketing Steps Into the Limelight, With ROI Influencer Scores

On the #ContentRadar this week: New developments may change how you see influencer marketing. Also, social media dominates the list of top apps; Facebook wants to convince your business “It’s a Great Day to Video” today; and Twitter wants to verify you — and everybody else.

Segmenting Customers

Segmenting Your Customers to Increase Content Marketing Reach

Employing better segmentation in your market analysis and customer pools can dramatically improve open rates and click-throughs, with 75%+ gains not impossible for your email campaigns. Get a refresher on sharpening your approach and better aligning your content.

St. Patrick's Day Marketing Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Traditions: Guinness to ‘Green Ice Cream in a Can’

Is green ice cream in a can your thing? Unless you’re a brand that can easily incorporate bearded magical beings and shamrocks into your seasonal advertising, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t much of an aesthetic fit. Let’s take a look at some St. Patrick’s Day marketing traditions, from the Shamrock Shake to the sponsored parade float, and be on the look for some dos and questionable don’ts.

Freelance Bootcamp

Freelancer Bootcamp: 7 Tips to Jump-Start Your Creative Process (and Avoid Hitting the Big White Wall of Writer’s Block)

The wall. The big white wall… of your computer screen. When you hit it, you have to hit back. Buck up and be the master of jump-starting your own creative process. Here are a full-time freelancer’s actionable tips to keep yourself from slipping into the void of writer’s block.

Fit To Freelance

Fit to Freelance: A Fitness Editor Reflects on Her First Year of Self-Employment

Not all freelancers just write. For this installment of the Niche Freelancer, we’re chatting with Abby Lerner, a former fitness editor at a legacy publication who went freelance as a content strategist after moving away from New York City. Just one year after bidding farewell to her last staff job, Abby shares her shift from creating content to planning it.

Young Adult Appetite for Social Media

Study: What Young Adults’ Insatiable Appetite for Social Media Means Now — and in the Future

This week on the #ContentRadar: New numbers prove young adults can’t get enough of social media. Also, Facebook quickly ends its “Explore” feed test; NewsGuard wants to rid the earth of fake news; and Vero’s rollercoaster week leaves everyone confused about its future.

Build Facebook Chatbot

How to Build Your Own Facebook Chatbot in About 10 Minutes

Building a chatbot is a fairly simple process — in fact, it can be done in about 10 minutes by anyone with some basic tech chops. Martech expert Ben Beck walks you through it in this DIY guide, refreshed with new information for 2018.

The Oscars

For Your Consideration… A Retrospective of Oscar-Ancillary Content Marketing

Flashing back to Hollywood’s awards seasons of yesteryear, let’s honor the somewhat inadvertent marketing moment in 1954 that created the “red carpet” spectacle of today, as well as other top moments where brands capitalized on the golden glow of the Academy Awards.