Google, Facebook, and Instagram New Ad Tools

Google, Facebook, Instagram Offer New Ad Tools to Entice Marketers to Spend

On the #ContentRadar this week: Big ad spend updates from big platforms. Also, YouTube launches vertical ads; Pinterest is more popular than ever; and Twitter resurrects a major timeline feature.

In the Case of an Unhappy Client, What’s a Freelancer To Do?

In the Case of an Unhappy Client, What’s a Freelancer to Do?

In efforts to help freelancers understand how to keep things running smoothly after getting hired by a client, we’ve invited a brand director, a former agency VP, two creative directors, and an account manager to share cautionary tales for freelancers.

6 Competitive Ways to Do Content Marketing With Smart Speakers

Is your marketing prepared for the disruptive force of voice-powered technology? How can you optimize your content, not just for regular typed text searches, but for the new world of voice search? Martech expert Ben Beck shares six different ways you could leverage voice platforms for your business’s content marketing.

freelancing from down under lindy alexander writer

Australian Writer Lindy Alexander on Being a Self-Employed Creative in Oz

Curious about freelancing in Oz? We asked Australian, self-employed creative Lindy Alexander to share her perspective from Down Under for peers in the U.S.

enticing milennials four pros share content they love and it works

Enticing Millennials: Four Pros Share Content They Love… That Worked

What content engages millennials? We asked creative pros for Vice, Tastemade, Ranker, and startup Knew Money to share content they love and why it worked.

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surefire ways to promote and maximize value of long form content

6 Surefire Strategies for Promoting and Maximizing the Value of Long-Form Content (5 of 5)

For part five in our long-form content series: We’ll take you through how to successfully promote ebooks, pillar brand content, and other long-form content (LFC) assets.

artificial intelligence options which to use for your chatbots

Artificial Intelligence Options Compared for NLP: Which to Use for Your Chatbot

Confused about natural language processing (NLP)? In this week’s #MartechMonday, expert Ben Beck answers the most important questions about leveraging artificial intelligence and NLP in your marketing chatbot, and which platforms can help.

importance of brand consistency keeping aligned

Importance of Brand Consistency: 7 Key Approaches for Keeping Aligned

Do you have consistent branding in all of your content? Stacy Jackson explains how it can help build brand awareness and develop trust and loyalty with customers.

newsletter series strategies for attracting and keeping subscribers

Newsletter Strategy: How to Attract (and Keep) Subscribers (5 of 5)

In part five of our Newsletter Strategy Series, we provide expert-curated tips for maintaining a newsletter strategy that evolves with a brand and attracts potential customers. 

Snapchat and Facebook Headed In Opposite Directions

Snapchat, Facebook Headed in Opposite Directions — Where Should You Focus Your Efforts?

On the #ContentRadar this week: Snapchat is up; Facebook is down. Also, Instagram forces greater transparency; Facebook Watch is going global; and you probably aren’t persuasive enough to change anyone’s mind on social media.

long form content creating ebooks that convert

Long-Form Content: Creating Ebooks That Convert (4 of 5)

You may dread the seemingly exhaustive future effort of creating an ebook, but take note of these steps and be well on your way to revealing subject-matter prowess and turning readers into customers.

10 Warnings about Influencer Marketing

Thinking About Influencer Marketing? 10 Realistic Warnings Before You Begin

For all the exposés that have run on Adweek and DigiDay recently, countless brands still decide daily to “dive into influencer marketing.” They start off starry-eyed, yet wind up with meager results. Consultant Lena Katz shares caveats to consider with social campaigns.

newsletter series 7 day guide

Newsletter Strategy: Your 7-Day Guide to Creating an Email Newsletter, From Draft to ‘Send’ (4 of 5)

In part four of our Newsletter Strategy Series, we provide a no-brainer, easy-to-follow guide to starting the content and design creation of your newsletter, straight from industry pros who have mastered the process.

Lack of Social Media Transparency

Report: Lack of Transparency on Social Media Can Affect Your Bottom Line

On the #ContentRadar this week: Your lack of transparency is causing you to lose customers. Also, Facebook makes learning from groups easier; YouTube lets users track app usage; and Snickers’ banner ad gets the last laugh. 

long form content mastering creative briefs for ebooks

Long-Form Content: Mastering Creative Briefs for Ebooks and Assets (3 of 5)

Most brand marketers underestimate power of creative briefs. With that being said, how can you make sure you maximize the potential of building a brief for your first long-form content project? Here’s how.

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