Top 30 Content Creation Tools

Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers

Ben Beck, our expert martech contributor, reveals his picks for the top content creation tools in several key categories, with a breakdown of cost, skill level and time needed for each.

Niche Freelancer From Cosmo Editor to Finance Writer

The Niche Freelancer: Shifting From Cosmo Editor to Personal Finance Writer

Have varied interests as a writer? Learn how Anna Davies, former staff editor at Cosmopolitan, balances her career between writing features for Glamour and financial content for major brands like Citibank.

Crafting Press Releases Catch Attention Curiosity Rovers

Crafting Engaging Press Releases That Catch the Attention of Curiosity Rovers

Help your media outreach take flight. A reporter who has skimmed over thousands of press releases offers tips that could help you make the right impression on the right writer for your next press launch.

Additions Change How You Use Instagram

Content Radar: Two Significant Additions Will Change How You Use Instagram in 2018 

This week, two major changes are setting up Instagram for a huge 2018. Facebook is (finally) nearly ready to let you know actual reach. And marketers, get ready to spend more on audience data.

Help Marketers Engage Better With Remote Workforce

Four Steps to Help Marketers Engage Better With Their Remote Workforce

Don’t treat freelancers and remote workers like they’re disposable. Learn key steps to keep them engaged and in the loop.

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Freelancer Etiquette Working During Personal Emergency

Freelancer Etiquette for Working During a Personal Emergency (You Don’t Need to Be a Superhero)

Freelancers often feel more self-induced pressure to work during crises. But being a superhero (or drama queen) is far from necessary. Get tips on being calm, cool and appropriately honest when you need to tell clients they’re being put on hold.

Hiring Writer Improved Content Marketing

How Hiring a Professional Writer Helped a Specialized B2B Grow

When competitors actively read your content, you’re doing something right. Learn how the owner of a niche consultancy jumped into content marketing and found just the right writer to help differentiate and grow his business.

Facebook Advertising Principles Manifesto

Content Radar: What Facebook’s New Advertising Principles Manifesto Means for Your Brand

This week, Facebook wants you to know “advertising principles” isn’t an oxymoron. Also, YouTube finally gets on the stories bandwagon; Instagram wants to let you share posts; and Google steps up policing.

1,000 Marketers Surveyed: Biggest Challenges With Content by Category

We Asked 1,000 Marketers: “What’s Your Biggest Challenge With Content?”

Survey results: We asked 1,000 marketers about their biggest challenges with content, and here’s what we found. Discover the top 35 challenges broken down by category and other key insights.

White Label Marketing Tools

How to White Label Marketing Tools for Your Agency Use

Ever investigated white labeling tools or services for your agency? Martech expert Ben Beck explains the strategy and offers key tips on what to look for in a white label marketing solution.

Peer Advice Client Expectations

Peer Advice for Freelancers: Lessons on Setting Client Expectations (and Avoiding Facepalms)

Freelancers who are skittish about setting client expectations can unwittingly sabotage their own success. Don’t facepalm your own actions. Glean advice from six professionals who share life-learned tips for avoiding hiccups.

Marketing Conference 2018

The Ultimate List of 2018 Marketing Conferences

Whether you lean more toward the sales or content side of marketing, make your own go-to list of marketing conferences and events to attend in 2018.

Content Radar: Google Hopes for a #SmallThanks to Change the Local Search Game

This week, Google makes itself a friendlier option for local businesses. Also, Instagram live videos are getting more crowded; Twitter wants you to read tweets later; and people are spending way too much time on Facebook.

Building Relationship Freelance Writer

The Importance of Building Relationships With Your Freelance Writers

Although freelancers aren’t part of your full-time team, it doesn’t mean you can treat them as disposable. Learn why building strong relationships with your freelancers is important for long-term success.

Voice Search Autonomous Cars

Getting Ahead of Martech Disruptions in 2018: Voice Search and Autonomous Cars

Have you dedicated a portion of your resources for experimental content, to prepare for future martech shifts? Take a look at two of the technology trends that you should account for when making your marketing plans for 2018: voice-enabled content platforms and autonomous vehicles.