White Label Marketing Tools: 7 to Seriously Consider

Martech expert, Ben Beck, reviews some of the best white label marketing tools for agencies who want to leverage more services and broaden their value for clients.

From social media marketing management to complete web design, the market is saturated with digital marketing tools and services. Among the many available marketing tools, a number of them are also specifically designed, with white label functionality, for marketing agencies. Marketing agencies of all sizes can leverage these white label tools to become more professional, responsive, and provide more value to their clients, while also keeping costs low and affordable.

A quick review of white label marketing

As we described in the first article in this series, white label marketing is also known as white label digital marketing or reseller digital marketing. White label marketing was born to help meet the growing marketing needs of businesses today that are interested in digital marketing services but are looking for another company to do it all. A well-rounded digital marketing strategy typically involves a web designer, a copywriter, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, a social media consultant and an online marketing services professional.

However, hiring and onboarding these professionals can be expensive for many companies. As a result, many companies, particularly start-up or small businesses that have small or shoestring budgets, will outsource these professionals in order to keep costs low. White label marketing is an opportunity for marketing agencies to offer more value to clients by giving them “the total package” but at a fraction of the cost.

How is a white label marketing solution different?

For professional marketers and agencies, a white label solution is one that was initially created by a third party but is available for subscription and license for individual companies as well as white label digital marketing agencies. What makes a white label solution truly a solution is one that can also be customized for other brands.

So what are some of the best white label solutions for your agency? Read on for a complete, comprehensive list of some of the best tools out there.

Some of the best white label tools for marketing agencies

1. Email sending platform: Sendy

Sendy analytics, a great white label marketing tool

Sendy is great for sending basic emails, newsletters, creating autoresponders, and setting up tracking and reporting. Sendy is hosted by Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). In addition to its affordability, Sendy provides users with access to all the great features that one would get from using another email service, such as MailChimp or InfusionSoft, but for a fraction of the cost.

For example, an ongoingAmazon email server subscription for 10,000 subscribers would be only $1 or $2 a month versus $200 for another email service, such as MailChimp. By leveraging this tool for your white label marketing service, you provide a cost-effective email marketing service with the same features that save your clients and also boosts your bottom line.

2. Open-source and practically free marketing automation: Mautic

Mautic is a complete marketing automation solution for white label marketing agencies. Mautic is software that can be installed on your own server and customized with logos, domain names, color schemes and more. With Mautic, users can manage social media marketing campaigns and audience engagement, store and manage contacts, send emails, set up web forms, and create and run reports. Mautic offers everything you need to set up your own marketing automation system.

Although Mautic is very powerful, the one caveat is that it isn’t as “white-label friendly” as some of the other tools we will explore. It can also take some time to set up and implement, but many white label marketers will tell you that it is well worth the effort.

3. SEO platform: SE Ranking

SE Ranking is specifically designed for white label marketing purposes. Whether you are an SEO expert agency or an independent webmaster, SE Ranking is an SEO platform designed for everyone. Users can set up their own domains or their clients’ domains simply by entering the domain registrar information, and without the need for hosting.

With SE Ranking, users can create accounts for colleagues or clients, access a number of customizable tools, such as performing website audits, monitor and track backlinks and position ranking, making it a white label SEO platform you can’t live without.

white label analytics marketing tool4. Marketing KPI reporting: WhatAGraph

WhatAGraph is a must-have tool for reporting performance to clients. WhatAGraph is white-label friendly, allowing users to customize the user interface by uploading logos and changing the color scheme and preferences to meet each individual client’s needs.

With WhatAGraph, users can set up teams, easily add and remove the necessary data sources needed to create truly customizable reports, and create and share those reports with other users, such as colleagues or clients. Reports can also be set up to automatically deliver to other users, making it incredibly easy for clients to see the performance and results of their marketing efforts.

5. Mobile app development: Shoutem

Shoutem makes mobile app development and creation easier. You no longer have to be a web developer or have a background in HTML or javascript coding to build a high-quality and functional mobile app. With Shoutem, white label marketing agencies can easily create an iOS and Android-friendly app from a variety of starter templates as well as dozens of features and integrations. White label marketers can now add mobile app development to their long list of solutions, providing even more value to clients and beating their competition.shoutem white label marketing tool

6. Conversion rate optimization: Load Faster

Load Faster helps with site optimization. Paying attention to the speed of any website — including mobile sites — is crucial to enhance the user experience, satisfy customers, and boost conversion rates. Most client goals involve increasing conversion rates, and one of the easiest ways to do this is simply by testing the speed of a client’s website.

Load Faster will analyze a site’s speed simply by entering a web domain into the system. Not only will this tool tell you the site’s speed, but also identify problem areas and provide optimization tips on how to improve speed. The team at Load Faster is also available to fix the problems, if necessary.

7. PPC management: White Shark

White Shark – For white label marketing agencies that also offer PPC advertising solutions, White Shark is specifically designed for agencies that specialize in white label PPC or even local SEO. Not only does White Shark provide users with access to insights from Google products, such as Google Analytics and Adwords, it also provides the necessary tools to build and manage full campaigns that drive results and boost marketing ROI, making both you and your clients happy.


So, now that you have a full understanding of what label marketing is, the best white label marketing practices, and a number of tools to leverage in your services, you are now armed with what you need to make your marketing agency the most cost-effective solution for your clients, while benefiting your bottom line.

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