Top 5 Google+ Communities For Social Media

If you’re like me, you sometimes find yourself defending Google+ to friends and colleagues who…

If you’re like me, you sometimes find yourself defending Google+ to friends and colleagues who aren’t directly in marketing or social media. “But no one’s there,” they say. “You’re the only person I know who even has a Google+ account!” they say. “What am I going to look at,” they say.

OK, fair enough. Most people use social media only to see what their friends are up to, keep up with a jewelry line, stalk their crush or ex, or see pictures of their nieces and nephews. They aren’t going to find much on Google+ for them, and they certainly haven’t discovered Google Plus Communities. After all, the primary objective of social media for these users is to keep up with the people they already know (Facebook), follow with adoration or disdain the daily lives of celebrities (Twitter), and create dream lists of vacations and designs (Pinterest).

google communitiesThese are all reasonable objectives, but for those of us in marketing, we’re interested in people finding us. And there’s no question that from Authorship to “completing the circle”, Google+ is the greatest social network to happen to SEO since the beginning of the Internet. It’s full of like-minded individuals and brands that take the time to master the ins and outs of the platform.

Why Google Plus Communities?

My favorite part of Google+ is the Communities feature. Anyone can make a community. Some are private, some are invite/request only, some are public. The topics range from the professional (Business Analysts) to the silly (Joke of the Day), but there is a treasure trove of knowledge, resources, and information to be had in the many social media Communities. I’ve made a list of the five I find myself in the most, but first let’s talk about what they all have in common:

  1. Each has 1,500 to 5,000 members; enough to run the gamut of experience and leadership, but not so many that posts get lost or relationships are hard to build
  2. Each is very active: Many members post multiple times daily, and engagement is high
  3. Every one has at least 4 active moderators, and each takes his or her job seriously
  4. No spamming is allowed: No repeat linking to your own content without being an engaged member (in fact, posting to your own content is forbidden or frowned upon in many groups – you’re here to build relationships and gain knowledge)
  5. A variety of subcategories are available to easily navigate for what kind of information you’re looking for (or looking to share)
  6. Respect. The members of these communities respect each other, respect the work they do, and are there to help each other and themselves. Disrespect, snarky comments, or putting others and their ideas down are distinctly not allowed.

Don’t forget to contribute when you visit these Google+ Communities! Give posts +1′s, leave comments, ask questions.

Social Media Professionals

google plus communities3,504 members, Request or invite only
Very active with 4 moderators

15 subcategories. Topics include:
Theory, Trends, Social Media Strategy, Community Management, Social Media Blogs/Resources, SEO and Social, Digital Marketing, Social Analytics, Member Content Posts (this is the only section where posting to your own content is allowed, and it’s highly vetted)

Members are active and engaged; many post multiple times a day. It’s a great place to crowd-source an idea, get feedback on strategy, and discover new products and features.

It’s sister community, Social Media Strategy, has 13,559 members and goes into more depth about the technical side on community management with sections on Risk Management, SEO, and Web Design.

Strategic Social Networking

google plus communities4,263 members, anyone can join
Very active with 4 moderators

19 subcategories. Topics include:
Blogging, Content, Hangouts, Introduction with tips, and separate sections for each social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and, of course, Google+).

Large enough to boast great ideas, links to new tools, hearty discussion on various topics, but small enough to get to know each other and build relationships.

Great place for analytics resources, targeted advice on issues with specific platforms, and blogging tips from avoiding spam comments to SEO incorporation.

Social Media Mentors

google plus communities1,936 members, anyone can join
Very active with 5 moderators

11 subcategories. Topics include:
How-To Guides, Tips and Tricks, Marketing, Leadership, SEO Tips

A place for established leaders in the marketing and social media industry to discuss ideas. Because of the breadth of experience here, you’ll find more posts on social media as a integral part of an overall general marketing strategy.

In addition to the established leaders, many people new to social media management belong to the Community to take advantage of the resources and ideas within.

Has taken off so well they’ve recently decided to create a website and are looking for contributors.

Social Media Marketing

google plus communities3,889 members, anyone can join
Pretty active with 8 moderators

5 subcategories. Topics are:
Google, Facebook, Analytics/ROI, Jobs, General Discussion

Calling itself a “test community,” it is highly focused on positivity and constructive discussion. Here you’ll find great resources for tracking ROI, and you’ll see a lot of SEO advice. There are talks about what great brands are doing right, and in-depth looks at missteps.

Content Marketing & Social Media

google plus communities1,844 members, anyone can join
Slightly less active than the rest, but many posts per day with engagement – 7 moderators

12 subcategories. Topics include:
Tools, Whitepapers / Guides, Social Content, Social Ads, separate sections for social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, even Reddit)

The CM&SM Community is the only one on this list with a dedicated section to promote yourself and your brand with links directly to your content – just make sure you are posting in the “Self-promo” section, and don’t just drop links and run. Engage!


What are you favorite Communities? Link to them in the comments!

Heather Ferris

  • Andrij

    I’m a bit offended that you focused on the others, and no love for ours…
    Social Media Strategy

    We have 10 moderators, 14,045 members, and moderate very well.

    • Andrij

      Well, I do moderate SM Professionals too – but hoping we can at least get some link love for GplusSMS :)

    • Heather Ferris

      Hi Andrij, I meant no offense. I didn’t say that these were the only 5 groups, but my top 5, the ones I find myself in the most. Also, I specifically chose Communities with fewer than 5,000 members for this list. I updated the the post asking everyone to leave their favorite Communities in the comments, if that helps.

      • Kristoffer Howes

        I agree with Andrij. We have worked hard to create a spam free community at Social Media Strategy and I think our 15K members appreciate that. Perhaps we can look forward to a mention next time. :-)

        • Heather Ferris

          Hi Kristoffer, thanks for the comment. I did mention Social Media Strategy in the Social Media Professionals section above:

          It’s sister community, Social Media Strategy, has 13,559 members and goes into more depth about the technical side on community management with sections on Risk Management, SEO, and Web Design.

          I didn’t include it as one of the main five for two reasons: it’s a sister Community to Social Media Professionals (allowing me to mention and say a little about it), and I specifically chose Communities with fewer than 5,000 members (so beginners would feel less anxious about jumping in). What I didn’t mean to do was imply that Communities not on this list aren’t great ones – it was less about steering users away from certain Communities and more “here are the 5 I find myself in the most.” I have added a link to the Social Media Strategy where it’s mentioned above, because it is a great group and I certainly don’t mean to disparage it! There are so many Communities it would be impossible to condense all of them into one post, so I stuck with the ones I personally find myself in the most. Thanks!

          • Andrij

            It’s not a “real” sister community. We only say that because we work together. We are entirely separate from that community.

          • Andrij

            Just a bit of cross-promotion, really.

          • Heather Ferris

            Well, perfect. It’s been cross-promoted here, and anyone going to SM Pros because of this blog post will see in the Community Guidelines the link to SM Strategy, again.